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: New Two-Handed Surf Fly Rod

10-03-2000, 01:44 PM
The new two-handed rod is done.

It is made by Thomas & Thomas, and is model number DH 1212-3. It will be ready to begin shipping in December of this year, and the price is $ 680. with the T&T lifetime warranty.

It is the first fly rod I know of, which has been built from the ground up for throwing big flies in the surf. It is not a modified salmon or steelhead rod, nor is it a cut-down spey rod. It is an entirely new blank designed by Tom Dorsey at my instigation.

It is a very lightweight, three-piece, 12' long rod, designed for throwing 12-weight shooting heads. I call it the, “ Twelve Squared.”

It is similar to the Vector series rods, in that it loads with just a bit of line out, then loads progressively farther down the blank, and increases line speed as you get more of the head out.

Our purpose in building this new rod was to create a fishing tool, which would achieve the following goals:

The ability to easily cast very large flies, 80-100 feet, even in strong winds.

The ability to cast these distances with minimal false casting, ( Hence the shooting heads,) for fast delivery and decreased fatigue.

The ability to deliver a very long line, when necessary, ( 120’-150’.)

A very light tip, for increased sensitivity when fighting fish, light tippet protection, and also so that the rod will balance nicely for one-handed retrieves.

It was crucial to me that the rod would begin to load with only ten or fifteen feet of shooting head out of the tip, so that the whole line could be retrieved and delivered again with a minimum of false casting. We designed it around 30’ shooting heads, because of the striped bass’ propensity to follow the fly right up to your feet.

The new rod was introduced at the recent show, and I understand that it was very well received. I am told that Lefty himself tried it out and gave it his blessing, although I have not been able to confirm that yet with him. If that is true, I would not be surprised to see a similar, salt-water specific two-hander coming from the S company soon.

I have not cast the final production model, as mine has not yet been delivered, but I believe that this will be the best tool made for fly fishing the beaches. I urge all open-minded fly fishers to give it a try when it becomes available.

I hope you like it.

Jay Horton

10-03-2000, 03:24 PM
Great news Jay!
So I guess I sorta had a part in this, since instigation is implied credit in your message and I instigated the instigator!

Technically speaking...

It seems you abandoned your notion of using a 15 foot Spey rod, you must have actually tried them out for a while and saw my point (see archives around the web). Your pet name "12 squared" sounds an awful lot like the "eleven by eleven" metaphor I used on the phone when I was trying to talk you down from the long lengths and classic actions, I like it.

The discussion of taper was the reason I disagreed with you on the Spey rod action, I see you've discovered that for yourself as well.

I'm afraid the conclave schedule on the Forum and the insane fishing season has me way behind with the Sage two-handed European overhanded rods (which were never Spey rods BTW) but I'll be putting the finishing touches on them when the fishing goes south for the year. I may be slow but I make good on my commitments and there are some things Smitty suggested that make a lot of sense but like they say **** or get off the pot!

I congratulate you on having the discipline to pursue this once hot passion of mine to a stage of completion during the active season. Apparently my passion for building camaraderie and catching huge stripers exceeds my passion for building new rods styles based on centuries old European ideas.

I look forward to comparing notes someday, I can't even keep up with fly-tying never mind rod building this time of year!



11-15-2000, 06:42 AM
I am assuming that your article is the one in Flyfishing in Saltwaters most recent edition. Well done! I wish I had the money to invest in one of these setups since you have convinced me to give them a try in the surf. Even if its not your article, you can take the credit since you have the same namehttp://