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: Nauset Angler Now Open!

09-05-2000, 04:21 PM
No affiliation here, but... HOT DAMN!!!! THe Nauset Angler, in Orleans, is now open for business. We now have an alternative for fly fishing and tying stuff. COOL! I hope they do well. I think they will be open every day through the fall.

On another note -

Hardings Beach has been hit/miss, and overall slow the past couple of days. Mostly silversides.

Chatham is loaded with bait, and the bass have been picky.

Cooperative bass at Brewster flats on the falling tide and an hour or so into the incoming.

Pleasant Bay is loaded with small fish, but so much bait I actually had schoolies follow and refuse a number of flies. Now that's tough! Mostly juvie menhaden, but also loads of silversides and sandeels.

South Cape State Beach has been tough - so much bait the fish aren't interested (at least not in my offerings).

Can you tell I finally got to the Cape for a few days? It's windy as snot!


09-06-2000, 11:48 AM
Will they be staying open through the fall? Many Down-Cape places close after Tourist season. Do they have a Web-site?