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: My take on the Jamboree

10-08-2000, 11:21 AM
I went to the FlyFishSaltwaters jamboree with Chuck and Rich figuring Iíd get them signed up for the CCA , weíd all have a good time and meet some other anglers. Thinking this gathering would be similar to the Claves that weíd attended in the past we were off and running. The Jamboree was not what I expected, we did arrive late, about 3pm but still it lacked the camaraderie of the other claves like Rhody and Monomoy, this event had more of a fishing derby feel although the barbecue and raffle were pretty well organized. After arriving during the middle a raffle to benefit the CCA (cool idea) we were welcomed by Jeff Smith and just made it in on the raffle.
This was a CCA benefit and I fully support that idea. It was good to meet Pete Sorenson , Mike Figlioli (fellow Plymouthians) and Jeff Smith (all great guys) and a few of the others who were at least somewhat sociable. Perhaps it was the scale (approx. 50) contributed to the clicky feel or the fact that we arrived late and I wonít say I didnít feel welcome but neither did I feel part of the event. Not really knowing anything about the area John Marotta was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction and that was the toward the tip. The weather conditions were outstanding and we were even out of the wind unfortunately the fish didnít show for us but hey if your not going to catch fish there are few other places more scenic or full of lore. Thanks John. After dark we headed for one of the outer beaches that had looked like it might be mung free earlier in the day, I think it was Coast guard or Head of the meadow. The word on the beach was Mung and some anglers coming off the beach reported no one was catching which seemed believable given our experience at Newcombs. A decision was made to fish the inside so we headed for the Pamet harbor, Chuck fished the outside beach to the North while Rich and I hit the harbor which had plenty of bait and some surface activity, couldnít buy a hit there. Rich and I decided to go back and see how Chuck was doing, nada. I was working on convincing them to take the hike out to the mouth of the harbor when Chuck pointed out the gate to the beach was open and a truck had driven by him not long before. Iíve always considered fines to be a reasonable fishing expense and there was no sign to deter us so we were off and bouncing down the beach to the outflow. It was quite clear shortly after arriving that this place was hoping, unfortunately all the activity was on the other side of the channel, such is fishing. Fearing that the unlocked gate that allowed us quick and easy access would become our captor for the night we high tailed it out of there. We thew around some ideas of Chatham or Nauset but it soon became apparent to everyone that we were exhausted without coffee which the cape seems to be devoid of in the middle of the night we would a) sleep in the car or a nice bench Iíd been eyeing. b) fish on without coffee c) head for home before driving became dangerous, we chose (c)
Rich won a raffle for a guided trip with (Henry/Harry Coons?) on Nauset beach, I think itís for up to three people, hoping Iím one of them what do you say Rich.
End of story.

P.S. Ė I think Chuck wants sell his flyrod. Lately heís developed a penchant for hauling large heavy object off the bottom of the sea like lobster traps, chunks of mackerel with large pieces of lead tied to the line , Cod, and the occasional giant bluefin.

1. A noisy celebration.
2. A large assembly, often international, especially of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
3. A mass gathering or assembly, as of a political party or association.
Not a scouting event for sure, Iíll take a Triple-F Clave any day.

i'm so outta here
10-08-2000, 10:21 PM
Jim, awesome report on a lot of fronts.

You didn't miss much at big girl bar on Sat. morning -- actually, the tide was too weak and big girl never opened for business. A few schoolies in the AM out by the rockpile and a whole lot of deep wading in the PM trying to reach the promised land. I took one too many waves over my waders around noon, gave up, and headed to the car to dry out, sleep, and warm up. At least I slept.

Final results of the day: not a fish landed on the fly by anyone on the point. Schoolies did show on the very tip near the tide turn. Oh, and one or two spin guys did hookup with 30-36 inch bass, including a real jerk from New Jersey who seems to have "striper issues." We were spent by 4 PM and accepted the kind hospitality extended by John Morin and didn't fish again until Sunday, which was also very slow catching-wise, but a great adventure nevertheless.

As to clicks and claves, we have a pretty great crew on this board and everyone is as open to new comers as I've ever seen in a "club." (We don't play by club rules, we adhere to the maxim that fishing rules(!)

But despite this, perhaps there are those who view our own claving community as a click and never feel quite comfortable with it. We don't mean it to be so, it just sort of happens. Maybe it's just human nature to collect into schools of like minded individuals. It protects us against people like that NJ bozo. It allows us to distinguish ourselves from his practices, his attitude, his sickness.

Community is a great cure for that sickness. It has a moral code. But communities run best when they are small, and maybe the members instinctively know this. Perhaps what you were sensing at the BBQ is a preservation instinct that we all rely on to keep the group small and protect what the group deems valuable. We are probably guilty of the same thing, we just don't realize the message we are sending sometimes.

This isn't to say that large groups can't acheive phenomenal results. It just takes a boat load of work. CCA was a great rallying banner, and was the best possible common ground builder between groups. But perhaps there needs to be a more structured flow of information in an event before the type of clave camaraderie we've experienced emerges. I also think we succeed because we adopt a communal campsite format in most of the claving we do. This has the effect of getting people working together. Socializing is a lot easier when you know the guy you're socializing with has contributed to the cause.

We're by no means perfect and have never done anything within the scope of this weekend's event, but perhaps future events could be made better if we pooled resources and started looking for ways to bring all the great guys I met this weekend together for one mega clave per year. That was our intent all along, but our pesky family duties and day jobs keep getting in the way

Sorry our schedules didn't meet up this weekend. I hope to sneak away to the bar next Saturday morning. I'd love some company.

"There <i>are</i> no strangers on the water."


10-09-2000, 11:30 AM
Al and Jim:

Guys.....I read your postings about the OuterCape Jamboree (probably using the wrong terminology) and as you know, I was not there. But, I started to feel a slight twinge in my back as I read the postings. Maybe I misinterpreted what was in the postings or the intent, but I think the postings may send an unintentional negative message. Again, I was not there and I am only making an observation from a reader standpoint, but the postings seemed to have some negative threads pointing at the Jamboree.
I am sure there are folks who organized the effort and put alot of time into making it come off. The Web is a great place and thinking back to a few years ago, it has made me a more informed person. In the same token, sometimes feedback or impressions get delivered with the wrong intent or with a spin that was never intended thru postings on public boards whereas a n e-mail to a specific person might be better. Again, I do not want to make an issue out of something that I did not participate in. As Al stated, there are things we can all do differently and better......

Just my 2 cents........

i'm so outta here
10-09-2000, 12:30 PM
Quite right, John. Our intent wasn't to cast any negative hue over the Jamboree. They accomplished a great deal and we didn't mean to harp on the minor issue of inclusiveness. I meant only to call attention to the fact that we all particiapte in our own sphere of influences and identifications, despite our similarities.

I didn't get to the BBQ myself, but I was very pleased to finally meet Jeff and Mike out on the beaches and feel they are every bit addicted to this sport as the rest of us. It would be great if we could marry the camaraderie of a clave with the magnitude and constituent fervor of the jamboree... a clav-or-ee? ;)

Jim's observations were not malicious, and I don't read them as such even after taking a closer look. I think this is an important discussion to have, that it's healthy to bring these things out in the open and deal with them, but if anyone else feels this is not constructive speak now and perhaps Juro could delete the thread?? I apologize to anyone I may have offended.


10-09-2000, 12:59 PM
John - Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity of my post, if you read it that way Iím sure others might have too and that was not my intent.

I think you may me reading more into this than I intended. I did say what I said and meant it, but remember these are only my observations from my perspective. I did arrive late and Iím sure that contributed to my not feeling part of the group. Maybe as Al states itís the group dynamics of large vs. small gatherings, I guess my preference is toward the smaller gatherings where everyone meets everyone else. Like Cheers where everybody knows your name.
I try to turn all negatives into positives and what I will do with my Jamboree experience is to make an extra effort welcome every new face at a clave and try to make them feel part of the group. Itís quite easy to become comfortable interacting with a known group of individuals especially as a group becomes larger.

I thick the last section:
1. A noisy celebration.
2. A large assembly, often international, especially of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
3. A mass gathering or assembly, as of a political party or association.
Not a scouting event for sure, Iíll take a Triple-F Clave any day.
I meant this too. I should clarify that number (3) was my take on the Jamboree and thatís not a bad thing. I believe that adding to the CCA membership was one of the primary goals and as stated in my original post thatís something I fully support, although not an active member myself I know they do a great deal of good on the political front. My preference is for the other claves Iíve attended. Will I go the Jamboree II if it comes to be? You bet, and hopefully I can get one or two more people contributing to the CCA.

I fully intend to post on FFSW thanking Jeff and the others who put this together they put in a lot of time for a good cause.

The comment about Chuck was a good natured jab at a very good friend some others on the board will get the joke.

Administrator, please feel free to delete this thread if it is deemed derogatory.

10-09-2000, 02:16 PM

Thanks for responding.....I am sure it could have just been me too. I am just sensitive to how some of the posts can turn into "this board vs. that board" and did not want to see something snowball.

I agree with you both in that feedback and discussion on how to make things better is very important and should be posted......

I will stop being "warm and fuzzy" !!

Hope to see you both on that hike to Naptree later this month !


10-09-2000, 03:06 PM
Looking forward to it John.

10-09-2000, 03:07 PM
I was unable to make it to the cookout, being with several folks about an hour south and about belly button deep with the prospect of success still just a prospect...

But I had a pleasant surprise Sunday AM on Nauset when I met MikeF and Jeff Smith in person. We talked about flies, newfangled rods, good fish last weekend, etc. I told Jeff I wished I had made the cook out - although there were enough people there as it was (judging from everyone's reports). Actually, all things being equal I'm glad I met him standing in the surf instead. Great conversation, and he and Mike are great people. Big Pete was catching a few winks in the truck, but we all exchanged well-wishings as they headed back to the parking lot.

In my opinion, sportsmen along the striper coast are far beyond the "one-<b>site</b> fits all" web mentality we started out in, and I think those silly turf wars are behind us now. There are many choices an angler can make and each individual web site is kind of like a different fly shop. As you know, I go to all of them.

BTW - I really do think our community of anglers in the forum is awesome. I mean, just thinking back at the great times, great people and great fish... truly, truly amazing. But it is certainly NOT exclusive, and so people are encouraged to take the best of every internet resource out there and we'll just try to do what we can to contribute to the fun. I hope we always have the kind of angler's society we have now, and although growth is good we will always strive to maintain it's current spirit.

Just think about this for a moment... last year at this time there was ONLY one website that New England really surfed. I think things are much better now, and I hope you agree! If not now, maybe you will by mid-winter?

In any case, it was great to chat with Jeff in person and I hope the future brings as much newness and promise as this past year has!

The fat lady is mute!


10-10-2000, 07:09 AM
Hi Jim,
It was great meeting you and your friends at the Jambo in Wellfleet. I'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations. I think people may have been pretty much talked out by the time you got there.
Also, I guess that its pretty much human nature for groups of people who know each other to gravitate toward one another when surrounded by strangers. I found some of the more stand offish people to be the most friendly and
talkative once approached. I was sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to talk to everyone there, but I tried.
Last night when I got home my wife informed me that I never said a word to her during the entire Jambo - ooops!
For me Jamboree meant:
1). Meeting a lot of old friends and renewing old friendships
2). Making new friends
3). Having a million laughs and kidding around
4). Talking - my voice is hoarse from explaining stuff about the outer beaches to newcommers to the area. I was surprised at the number of Cape and near Cape residents who had never fished the outer beaches.
5). The amount of worked involved was far out-weighed by the fun I had.
6). The discovery of how hard it is to fish in the surf for the uninitiated. It takes practice to get comfortable and familiar with the environment.
7). Experiencing the wrath of my wife because of numbers 1 - 6. Just kidding - she was pretty understanding, but only after spending time and money at the Orleans X-mas Tree shop." border="0" align="middle">)

If you had any questions concerning the area, I wish you would have asked. I would have been happy to try to answer them. Although based on my track record for the weekend, you were probably better off not asking. <img src="" border="0" align="middle">)

Hi Juro,
It was great meeting you, Al, BigCat and your other friend out at Nauset Beach. I think I may have talked to you at Chatham Inlet the previous weekend.
I was quite impressed by your long rod and the skill you exibited using it. Thank you very much for the demo. The rod design changes which you spoke of were very interesting. I feel they would add a lot to the rod and would address many of my areas of skepticism.
When I retreated a safe distance down the beach - out of sight of everyone, I tried to use the 2 hand technique with my 1 handed rod. I soon found that my left hand had a mind of its own. I think I might have to tape it to the rod to get it to work properly. It just wants to haul when the cast reaches that magical spot.
I was also impressed with your flies. You and I seem to be on the same page concerning fly size and the importance of flash for flies used in the surf. I'll have to try adding some of the stiffer synthetics to some flies to help prevent the flash from fouling. I have used synthetics to suppliment natural materials in the past with good results.
I'll tie you a couple of the my Buffys (also known as the 'preffered Buffys' as opposed to Jeff's 'pretty Buffys' - the preffered catching more and bigger fish than the pretty version - or maybe its just the fisherman <img src=" ) to replace the fly that Jeff so gracefully dropped in the surf.
All in all, it was a great weekend even though the fishing wasn't what I had hoped it would be.