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10-06-2010, 09:03 PM
Though I've dabbled with fly fishing for the better part of 35 years, I've never taken it much past pan fishing. Always wanted to go trout fishing. Thanks to the encouragement of my wife of 40 years I've done so this past month. What a blast! Now I intend to get serious about both my fishing and tying. Living in northern VA, the opportunities are somewhat limited though. At 64, I feel the time is now.

Through an unfortunate accident I recently lost every fly I owned, my net, my main rod and reel plus some tools. That surprisingly has worked to my advantage in that I've dug out my fly tying books, bought some additional ones and fly tying materials and am now restocking. This has encouraged me to try techniques and flies never tried before.

All of this was being done with the goal of a new fishing trip this month. Though delayed by mechanical trouble with both of our vehicles, reservations have been made for the 11th through the 13th at Douthat State Park. I hope I'll have as good a time as I did on the White River just below the Flat Rock Dam in Branson, MO.

10-07-2010, 05:53 AM
Welcome to the site and the flyfishing addiction!

We've had some White River fans over the years, I understand it's got some amazing trout fishing. Sometimes an unfortunate accident has a silver lining, as long as no one gets hurt.

Keep us posted on your progress.

10-23-2010, 04:22 PM
Just returned from Douthat State Park in what turned out to be a two part trip. That state park is on a reservation basis only. Arrived at the park on the 11th and stayed 3 days. The first two days we stayed at the lake.

Fished Wilson Creek at the mouth of the lake. My casting a fly line is problematic at best. The banks were lined with bait fisherman and kids. Felt very intimidated being the only fly fisherman. Caught two each small brook trout and bluegills. The bait fisherman using meal worms were catching their limits much to my chagrin. On the third day we moved to another campground about a mile below the lake's dam. Wilson creek ran below where we were camped. Had a ball catching small bluegill and brookies fishing all alone.

At the suggestion of my wife who doesn't fish and stayed with the RV and dogs while I did, we returned to the second campground for another three days on the 18th. The first day was a repeat with the small brookies and bluegills. The second day was an absolute wow! Fished both sides of the bridge that is at the entrance to the campground. Caught 5-14" brown trout and one 10"er. When the action at the bridge cooled off went back upstream and resumed the fun with the brookies and bluegills. The third day I got skunked at the bridge. Threw everything I had at them and they only looked at it. Oh well, I learned a lot, caught fish on flies I tied and improved my casting. A win/win in any case.