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: Chatham off-shore ZOO report

09-06-2010, 08:05 PM
We left ryders and it was a beautiful day to do some striper and bluefishing. I was with my son and my neighbor, a charter captain. We headed out the cut to where the fleet was and it was packed....more boats than I have seen in a long time...all we could muster was dogfish as everyone else was as far as we could tell. So we headed south and wanted to check the monomoy tips on the west side off the beach where we have the rip trips...but ended up as far as Bearse shoal and caught several huge blues...but where was linesides? -
I even caught the biggest skate I ever caught on the fly and this thing actually had my drag spinning. Then the skipper gets a radio call for a knowledgeable captain (Eric Stewart) that Tuna where up back at the location where we started..this was only about 3 miles off shore. We raced back and the place was a Zoo... Boats jigging, casting, trolling, trolling with outriggers, and running and gunning...zig zagging in close quarters...middle fingers were up everywhere...I don't like running and gunning and had to put my fly rod down for a spinner. We had not planned on tuna so I only had a 10 wt and the spinning reels need to be replace with some a bit heftier...Charlie was popping up here then there..good puppies perfect for light tackle and sights of them jumping 3 and 4 feet out of the water was great... But the tuna was wise! And no takes despite some well placed casts... The report from other boats were the same...I was surprised they even hung around in such a crowd of boats...maybe one hundred plus... Anyway we headed back to the barn and it was like a convoy...where were the stripers. Makes me think that rip trips should wait for at least one more week... Great day though to be on the water.

09-07-2010, 06:18 AM
I went out yesterday for the first time since the storm and failed to find any stripers. Hit Monomoy Point , Bearses and then ran north along the beach. All I found was some small blues. No sign of stripers!

The water is starting to cool down and I'm hoping a couple of days of southwest wind will bring the bass back inshore.