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05-30-2000, 01:51 AM
Glad to hear that things are coming along so well for the w/e trip to Monomoy. Juro, Met you @ the Merrimack last w/e when the fishing was great that Friday night. Love this web-site! Hopefully it's not to late, but am interested in joining the crew for Sunday on Monomoy.
Only can make it for Sunday due to work, but read that someone else is also in the same category as myself. (i.e.- looking for a ride)
Please respond to this if interested in car-pooling down early am on Sunday, Thanx.

05-30-2000, 08:13 AM
Hi Brian!

Glad to see you made it. Since you're somewhat of a regular on PI, I assume the commute would work out well for Sully, who is also a PI regular and interested in coming down on Sunday. An easy way to email anyone is to click on the little letter icon above their post.

In any case it will be good to have you join us. I'll be finalizing the gear list, shuttle schedules, and other details over the next day or two. Thanks to Al, we should have a signup sheet running today.