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: Monomoy Island, Chatham, MA / Salmon River - Pulaski, N.Y. Update

08-24-2000, 10:33 AM
8/24 Monomoy Island, Chatham, MA / Salmon River - Pulaski, N.Y. Update

I will soon be leaving for the Salmon River, N.Y. This is my last saltwater report. After Sept. 1, I will only be posting on freshwater sites, pertaining to Steelhead - Salmon, Salmon River. If you are interested in receiving my complementary weekly fishing reports, then please e-mail me. You will be added to my mailing list of subscribers. I will be back next year on this great site to continue to bring you entertainingly informative and mildly educational fishing reports.
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Fish were caught while blind casting into the channel in combination with moving water. When the water stopped, so did the catching. All Stripers equate moving water with food. One of the best times (places) to fish is when each individual type of structure is compressing the current flow. Fish each spot when it's current is at its maximum speed and 95% of the time you will be into fish. With the glowing sun, sight fishing was next on the agenda. Saw fish every 5 - 10 min. (slow). All were quality fish in the 10-15-20-25 lb. range. Landed one at 36 inches on a lil tiny sand lance pattern.

Chick and friends enjoyed a day of learning. That was about it as we fished all the usual blind casting spots where the water moved, no fish. SKUNKED. ! First of the season. They were extremely good casters. Is it August already? Please read on because there is a very happy ending.

Slow, few here and there. Two brother in-laws enjoyed a day away from screaming kids.

8/17 -Samantha and Mike got the walking tour of the entire Island today. All of the normal productive spots were dry. Could not find them in the fast - deep water eating. Sight fished for them and did not see one all day. (That's a first) Finally pulled a couple in at the bottom of the ninth, blind casting.
Very slow!

I had one last sight fishing spot up my sleeve to share with Samantha and Mike. All 15, 20 lb. fish. Everyone hooked a few before the tide reminded us that it was time to return to the safety and comfort of the Island. All on crabs. Long leaders made of hand tied Fluorocarbon.

Returned to the only consistent, productive area I have been able to find lately that provides you a combination of blind casting or sight fishing. As we crept to the waters edge with Dave, J.T and Scott, the first thing we saw was a Striper about 15 lbs. Then another and another. This looked like a good omen; everyone hooked up almost immediately. It was cloudy and overcast but sight fishing was still an option as these fish always run very shallow here and their size is larger than average. As we went into low tide the fishing slowed down. I reminded the guys that Samantha hooked 3 fish in 1 hour in this same spot and was wondering what their excuse was. This must of lit a fire under them as we finished the A.M. tide with 2 - 32 inch Bass and a host of other landed and lost fish. These fish were eating crabs so well that 3 of them left us with my flies in their lips. Returned to old faithful and was happy to land 4-5 more before the Squire Pub started beckoning us to share the days fish stories, good times and memories over a few cold ones.

Woke up all congested. Must be all that pollen in the air! Ha.
From the second our ankles touched the water until the second I had to physically pull Bob off the flat we were seeing BIG fish. 96% were 15lb to 30 lb. fish! No, we did not slay them. Actually we had a blast trying to fool these very educated, big resident Bass in 2 feet of water. Saw at least 150, cast to at least 60. Had glances, stares, lots of interest but few takers. Welcome to August on the Destination World Class Monomoy Flats in August. Where the fish are the smartest, most challenging Bass you will ever find at high noon, blue bird sky, crystal clear water in 2 feet of water or less in this here parts. Most people call this type of fishing *#^!#@% TUFF! I like to call it challenging; this is my favorite time to fish. All pieces of the puzzle (we have discussed these) must come completely together to be consistently successful on the flats. Because of the size and the master's degree these guys have achieved over the summer on what's edible or not we decided to throw them Happy Meals. Ever heard of big fish, big fly? We threw silver dollar sized crabs (Toms Rattle Crabs) at them. Straight 12 foot - 12 lb. fluorocarbon leaders. In all we lost a 20 lb'er and landed a fat 25 lb. fish while sight fishing.

A day for Kings! Perfect tide, sun, wind. Ed Kelly had requested a SIGHT fishing trip with LOTS of BIG fish to cast too. He received his wish. (I try to satisfy all my clients wish's) Unfortunately for Ed he did not ask for fish that would EAT his perfectly cast (ha) crab fly. Returned to the same spot as days past to find good #'s of large fish. Several 30 inch Bass were released. Today was very consistent with sighting fish on a very regular basis. Stopped at the squire pub w/ Ed and enjoyed a couple dozen Oysters on the shell with a few pints of Bass ale to wash them down. Doesn't get much better!

Casting to a sighted fish that is coming behind you:

This happens more than you would think. I normally instruct folks to just pretend your throwing it forward but release it on you back. The two things I see most anglers do is they swing their upper body around when making the cast and then they turn their entire body around. It's quite common that when you swing your body around you tend to hook your rod tip. This opens up your loop, loosing energy and power. Plus the line will always travel in the direction that you excellerate and stop your rod tip. Normally this is of f to one side and not directly behind you where your target is at.
In addition, the noise generated by you turning your lower body around is all that is needed to blow the one shot you had. I recommend only turning your UPPER body, AFTER the cast is made. Rod tip does not hook and no commotion is generated by you turning your lower body around. The rest is easy! Ha

When walking a flat, sight fishing:

My good friend and very, very best, top rod, World Class Monomoy wade guide, George Ryan says, if you walk slowly then you are walking to fast.

Monomoy Island fishing forecast:

Look for things to improve, now that we have normal to above normal tides.

See you on the Salmon River, N.Y.

Until next May, that's all folks,

Randy Jones

Salmon River - Pulaski, N.Y. Update:

There is approx. 25 or so Salmon coming in each A.M. in the DSR. Better fish at the mouth of the river if you hope to catch any. (In my opinion) Many will not make it to the Black Hole.

Few Kings in. Very few. A friend sited 4-5 Salmon while wading parts of the river from the Black Hole up to the Altmar area. Another seasoned angler reported a run of Salmon up into the Willow Hole in the Estuary. They did something that is quite common at this time of the year, they left. In the lower river each A.M. in Sept. you will see #'s of fish running down river. Normally this happens when their spawning urge is not strong enough to make them commit to their journey up river. I often see this happen when anglers start to wade into the river in the early A.M. Fish are spooked and a down stream run is created. Its funny to watch some anglers who get excited at a 30 pound fish rooster tailing down stream. They are often seen casting in front of them as they charge down stream? How do you present a fly to a fleeing Salmon down river? Got me! Ha

For additional water level information dial
1(800)-452-1742, River Code 365123.

For those of you that are new and experienced Salmon River anglers, I would like to share with you some important "fishing report information".

1. This year I will be offering a 24-hour response time to anyone with questions concerning this fishery.

2. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it takes for me to post on all sites that ask me to, I will regretfully be unable to post daily Salmon River, N.Y. (Fly-Spin) fishing reports.

I will be updating my personal web site "fishing reports section" on a DAILY basis. As soon as I pull off my waders, I will be updating it with approx. #'s of Coho, King, Brown and Steelhead that I count coming up through the lower river. This should help in planning your fishing trip. Every 7 days I will combine all reports and post all information on this great site. As in past years, I hope you will find my reports entertainingly informative and mildly educational. It is designed to give you a lot of fishing information very QUICKLY.

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They say the Lord does not subtract from a person's allotted span for the days spent fishing.

Fish long & prosper!

Randy Jones

08-24-2000, 12:25 PM
Randy -

Your steelhead reports are welcome in the streams and stillwaters -or- steelhead / salmon sections of this site, anytime!

We'll look for you there,