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: Mid-Summer Smallies

07-16-2010, 09:41 AM
Got out on the water last night for the first time in a quite a while. The unrelenting heat wave has driven surface temps to 81F on the Inland sea portion of Lake Champlain. Figured the bass would be deep so goal was to target Drum around sunset. Winds picked up too much to do any sight casting so Drum fishing wasn't possible.

Fished a long bar that is 12-15' deep on each size and humps up to 5-9' deep. Smallies were extremely aggressive and caught 9 fish in 1.5hrs. 6 of 9 on the fly (Sz. 1-2 clousers in olive/white or olive/orange/white). Partner caught the smaller fish on the spinning rod. Most fish were caught just on the windward side of the bar over rock piles in the deeper 12-15' zones. But, fish were coming up and drilling the flies after the initial 1-2 strips.

All fish were fatter than egg loaded females in the spring. Smallest fish was 17" but still close to 3lbs.and biggest landed around 21" and 4-4.5 lbs. A lot of fun on a 6wt. Biggest fish of the day refused to come to boat and was one of the biggest smallmouth I've seen in ages, probably close to 5.5lbs, went airborn a dozen times, and finally spit the hook.

Very surprised to catch that many big bass in such shallow water in this heat.

07-17-2010, 04:57 PM
Those are some nice fish! Gotta love a fish that can go airborne that many times and still have the strength to stay away from the boat.


07-18-2010, 09:16 AM
I camped out overnight on Burton Island on a bicycle trip recently and really wished I had packed a fly rod for messing with the local smallmouths. Great looking water, unlike the muddy shallows of the part of the lake (the very southern end) I live very close to.

Smallies sure are suckers for a wooly bugger or clouser and has been said many times are, pound-for-pound, one of the fightingest fish out there!

Have you given them a go at nearby Lake George on the NY side of the border? 32 miles of clean, cold water, loaded with rocky islands and shoals.

Good fishing,

07-20-2010, 11:20 AM
Desmobob - Too bad you didn't have your gear at Burton Island. You can walk around the island and wade the shallows in the evening/night and catch big bass and pike in the shallows.

Haven't fished Lake George in over 20years and never for bass. I live just a few miles from Sand Bar Bridge on Lake Champlain so hard to justify traveling anywhere for bass. Lake Champlain is the among, if not the best, smallmouth water in the NE.

And agree w/ Quentin you can't go wrong w/ a bugger or a clouser!