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: Monomoy Clave Photo Journal

06-14-2000, 10:40 AM

I am putting together a photo journal of the clave... please send me photos (30k or less please, 20k or less preferred). If you are unsure how to reduce just send them and I will crunch.

Text blurbs will help if you have anything to go with the pictures.


06-14-2000, 11:14 AM
Nice job Juro, I'll email mine over this evening.

If I recall correctly when you took that third picture, I was shouting to Al, "I think the only safe way to get Greg out of the tree is to tie this rope to the bumper of my truck and pull the tree down!"

06-14-2000, 11:45 AM

My pictures should be back from developing this evening. I'll try to get them scanned in the next day or two.

06-14-2000, 12:03 PM
Well you're talking about photos Juro, did any of yours from Bass River ever get developed? I think it waqs just you and me taking shots. I have about a hald dozen ok shots. If you have same we may have enough for a Photojournal page for that clave too. If not, fine, less computer time more fishing time.


06-14-2000, 01:27 PM
Terry -

Believe me the pictures have been on my mind. I picked them up from the developer with my wife when we were shopping before the graduation party. She then hid any of the "unattractive" belongings of mine that were around the house, like tying materials, On the Water magazines, and the pictures! I've still been looking through the various hiding places she uses to clear the household of fishing evidence and haven't scored yet.

We're on our way to drive our young grad to orientation at BU in a half hour, I hope to do some digging when I return. I want to get those pictures into a journal for sure.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has Spring Clave photos please fess up

06-15-2000, 09:30 AM
Terry -

Roop just sent in some awesome Terryclave images along with some equally awesome Monomoy pics. Do you want me to forward for your site or should I put together a journal on the Forum?

let me know,

06-15-2000, 11:23 AM
If it's not too much trouble I think the photos belong with the forum. As the official Spring Clave Site said: "We have a Clave here that is put together by the members of the" I am indebted to the forum for giving me a place to round up the gang who I affectionately call the "Fishing Club". Also I have no need to maintain a longterm site for the maintainence of such an archive. So if you don't mind go for it and I will send everything I have.


06-15-2000, 03:02 PM
It'll be my privilege to host the images, I just didn't want to tread on any of your plans. It was an awesome clave and the very best way to kick off the year I can think of. I hope you are thinking about a spring clave next year too!

Look for the journal in Chronicles...