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: Monomoy Clave - Inventory

05-24-2000, 08:19 PM
Hey gang, I am getting totally pumped up for this... it'll be here before we know it.

Anyway, I need to get an inventory of:

- Those who have fished North Monomoy or South Beach before

- Times when people will need a shuttle to the island / beach

- Count of those who will attend the Sat/ afternoon casting
clinic and dinner

- Times for Sunday's shuttles

- General camping stuff you can bring (thanks Jim W)

I am going to suggest that we use the BB because people will be able to read what others say and react, that is to say if there are four tables already we don't need any more of those, or 9 lanterns, etc. Emails to me will not offer this benefit. If I get the time between now and then I will set up interactive forms but at this point it might just be easier to go with what we have already in place.

Your response is appreciated.. I will compile the results and list them on the Clave Roster / Status page.


i'm so outta here
05-24-2000, 09:24 PM
I'm still up in the air in terms of camping, but I can bring a lantern at the very least and one very large pot to cook in. I can commit to that even if I'm day tripping.

Anyone interested in a second shuttle departure on Sat. morning? Say 6 - 7 AM?? I will not be fishing Sunday.

I'm a Monomoy virgin. Is that clear intermediate line I've been salivating over really essential to success here?

As to the logistics of the roster, I'll do a flat file DB number if people really feel it's necessary and don't mind it a little rough around the edges. I have some time with the long weekend coming up.

05-25-2000, 07:38 AM
Al -

That's really generous of you... I've been working on a table for shuttle schedules. Here's the rough draft: <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a><!--url-->

We have a couple of weeks so there's no rush either. Should we look at this after the weekend?

I could just use email too, don't want to impose. Let me know what you think and as usual thanks.


Nathan Smith
05-25-2000, 10:25 AM
I will be down there Friday night and will be staying with my grand Parents. So I am up for going as early as possible both Sat and Sun

Camping stuff:
-Propane stove
-I can get a hold of an extra tent if anyone needs it too.
-I have a bunch (6) of teeke torches too with the citronella candles if the bugs are bad
-Pots and pans assorted, if needed.

05-25-2000, 01:44 PM
sorry I double posted.

05-25-2000, 01:44 PM
Mike and I can bring a couple back packing stoves and lanterns and an extra tent if needed. We have one large pot and a dutch oven and with Al's pot that should be enough for our cooking needs unless someone has another cast iron dutch oven. (I'll post that request in a foodmeisters post as well.)

We would like to take shuttles 1, 4, 5, and 8. If we are doing dinner early one of us may have to take shuttle 3. What time is the casting clinic?

Only a couple weeks! Whoo hoo!!!

05-26-2000, 10:48 AM

I would like shuttles #09 and #12. I know you where looking to try and match up some folks with experience with those who are new so if this works with your plans, let me know. I can always go to N. Monomoy if that works better for you.
Also, I will be driving down early Saturday and most likely will depart after the 4 pm shuttle. I would love to stay but got to save those chips for the Vineyard the follwing week.......


Jay C.
05-26-2000, 11:11 AM

I have lanterns, cookware and a free standing awning that I can bring. Also I have a small propane grill and several propane tanks. I don't have a tent but I plan to crash in the van anyway at night.

Anything specific that we can identify I can probably beg or borrow, such as folding table, camp chairs etc. What rods do you think make sense. Should I bring along the long rods for
people to see and try? The Reddington/Sage might be fun if Monomoy has enough current to cast the rod well. What do you think?

We probably need a quick conference on this gear prep. I'll talk to you after the holiday weekend.

Jay C.

05-29-2000, 06:25 PM
Would like to take shuttles 5 & 7.
I'd be glad to bring chips & cheese.
I'll be staying at site 63 near Cliff Pond. Hope I can drive
to your group site- where is it? Where will casting clinic clinic be, & when?
Getting psyched- Momomoy virgin.

05-30-2000, 05:38 AM
Boy it's nice to come back from vacation and find the planning for my next trip well under way - thanks guys.

Put me & Pete down for the first shuttle Saturday AM, we're staying Friday night.

I can bring a 2 burner stove, awning, my old suburban for transport to the boat.

Greg - veggies & dip.

Nate - is it time for the Barbie fly?


Nathan Smith
05-30-2000, 09:47 AM
This one is for you Roop.

Directs on how to make the baby fly:

1. Purchase a Plastic Baby doll/Or Barbie Doll, or if you have a daughter take one from her room while she is sleeping.
2. Take a 6/0-10/0 hook and place it through the upper body.
3. Take a small amount of crystal flash and tie it to the feet.

This fly become especially effective during the July-August time frame when there are lots of babies on the beach. The large stripers love these as they are a easy source of food. Usally I cast out with my back cast so I have my back to the fish. This imitated the stripers natural feeding style of waiting until the parents back it turned.

P.S. I don't think this will but if this joke upsets anyone I am seriously sorry and will remove it right away. If not I hope you have a good laugh.

05-30-2000, 10:32 AM
Nate -

I remember seeing you stand on a Cotuit beach with swarms of pogie bodies swirling around literally masssaging your legs like tiny toothless pirana, the sound of their tightly massed bodies like bacon fat sizzling in a twenty foot diameter frying pan as small blues ripped them up between swipes at your popper fly... and now this 'pattern' - I suggest as therapy a day of dry fly fishing with a #24 midge on a 3wt cane rod in Vermont. If that doesn't work, buy one of Bob Veverka's masterpiece classic salmon flies while you're up there and greaseline it on a Greenheart Spey, twisted silk lines on a New Bruswick stream.

i'm so outta here
05-30-2000, 06:35 PM
Hope this makes keeping the shuttle schedule a little easier. Juro, did you get my emails from last Friday? Sorry if posting this is out of line.....

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Shuttle report form</a><!--url-->

Please let me know if this gives anyone problems.

05-30-2000, 09:36 PM
Al - no this is AWESOME! Sorry I didn't have access to a computer while at the cottage. Looked at it since, and I'll email you.


06-05-2000, 11:57 AM

Is there room for one more person on Saturday only and taking the same ferry as myself ?? It is Brad Fell from CCA and I fished with him Sunday morning.........Let me know !

Thanks !

06-05-2000, 03:39 PM
Absolutely! Look forward to meeting him. If the boat gets too full there will be a second run; I'll happily wait. Right now there is plenty of room!