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: Gloucester, Ma info needed

06-02-2010, 10:56 AM
I will be doing some visting in the Gloucester area and i wanted to get some pointers on some spots if there if anyone can help me out,,, really just looking for the public access where i can throw a fly but not looking for personal hotspots just somewhere i can kill time while my wife hangs out with her sister :hihi:

if anyone wants to fish together I can return the favor and bring you to some pretty sweet spots down the cape just over the bridges (planning a monomoy wading trip too)

06-03-2010, 07:00 AM
I was supposed to be in Gloucester all next week working with a large semiconductor company onsite but the project got post-poned. I usually fish the Cape Ann area during the fall run which can be phenomenal. I like the stretch from Manchester By the Sea to Rockport and never ignore the Annisquam, Plum Island inlet, and Parker River Refuge down to Sandy Pt. Crane's and Wingaersheek are also good.

The advantage of Plum Island is the evidence the many (many many) other anglers can provide in terms of the numbers of fish around. If you fish the hole where the charter boats moor on the PI side of the inlet at dead low with a sinking line you should know whether there are fish in or not.

Reports on the Harbor are that the fish haven't really hit in numbers yet, so my suspicion is that the north shore is even more quiet now.

That being said it doesn't take long during the migration and it's better than shopping all day :)