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: Monomoy by Kayak

07-08-2000, 06:34 PM
Mike and I were just given loan of a couple of kayaks and we plan on taking them to Monomoy tomorrow. The only problem is we have no good idea about where to launch them. We would really apreciate some direction here. Thanks in advance!

07-08-2000, 08:55 PM
Just got in, hopefully caught you two night owls...

You can either launch at Stage Harbor or off the causeway on Morris Island Road. The causeway will put you in an inlet up inside South Beach, which was *EXPLODING* with birds and fish today. Stage will put you across from the North Monomoy Island tip, which was great sight fishing on the rising tide today. The Common Flats will be directly south and there will be a channel that runs along the Morris Island shoreline to South Beach and North Monomoy. The current in the channel at the north tip runs east to west on the incoming; west to east on the outgoing. This channel connects the outlet of Stage Harbor to the inlet between South Beach and North Monomoy. Therefore, if you are trying to get back into Stage from inside North Monomoy / South Beach on the flood tide you will have a lot of current to deal with. Once it is slack or outgoing you should get back fine, also might be better along the Morris Island shoreline or on shallow flats?

The current runs strong in and out of Stage Harbor itself (vs. the channel above) according to the tide. The outgoing creates a big rip on the west edge, I don't think you could row against it. The incoming floods vigorously and should push you back into the harbor once you're past the channel.

I don't have any experience in this BTW. Maybe Mike Powers can share his experiences from the clave? I know Don Baker of Sesuit Creek outfitters can give you PRIMO information... but you'd have to call him in the morning.

Sesuit Creek Outfitters
22 Bridge, East Dennis, MA 02641
(508) 385-1912

There is a Stage Harbor launch at the end of Barn Hill Rd... off rte 28 in Chatham. Take a right at Larry's PX at the Ship Ahoy sign. Don't fork right to Hardings. I am not certain about the parking but I believe it's the last public access to Stage. I met a guy who launched there today.

<font color="0000ff">You could always launch from Hardings Beach. If you arrive before 9am, it's free; after 9am you will pay $8 to park. You will be a mile or so away from the outlet of Stage (to the west of Stage). You can park a few yards from the water. I caught a few nice fish off Hardings last night just before the lightning storm... and it's an easy paddle to Stage Harbor / end of Morris Island.</font><!--color-->

Good luck, hope this helps. If it were me I'd do Hardings Beach.

<font color="ff0000"> BTW... on the dropping tide, the fish STACK up just to the south of the big sandbar right in front of the Rip Ryder pickup on South Beach. They bust right thru the low tide. I hooked a huge fish there today... see report.</font><!--color-->