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: Report 5/15-5/19

05-20-2010, 07:38 AM
Saturday- Fished Stage Harbor/Refuge area for awhile in the wind on Saturday to no avail. A few seals and we moved some fish off the bar outside Outermost.

Sunday- fished Barnstable- a few fish- our companion boat did better.

Monday- We fished all around the new cut ( inside and out) in the War Canoe ( 21' Hudson Bay Freighter) as well as off Minister's and all around Strong and Fox Hill. Did no see a single fish for the afternoon. Tons of worms spawning though and nothing on them.

Tuesday- Barnstable- blowing, cold, windy, raining- FISH ON... lots of fish. Sporadic surface action near the mouth, as the tide turned the fish got up outside the mouth. We couldn't give chase in the canoe, but buddies boat chased and really did well.

Overall, another great trip.:smokin: