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: Clave- North Monomoy trip

Jim Miller
05-19-2010, 09:14 AM
Hey Guys
Anyone planning to fish N. Monomoy during the clave? ;)
Any local and/or knowledgable willing to lend some guidance to the mountain guys (ADK and VT) ?

Appreciate any help or thoughts on the topic! :D

05-19-2010, 09:49 AM
I'd be happy to oblige - not sure which day though will follow-up shortly.

Jim Miller
05-19-2010, 10:01 AM
Good deal Juro!
I'll tote the beer! :biggrin:

05-19-2010, 10:07 AM
Jim....I'll be happy to join you at NM on friday.


Jim Miller
05-19-2010, 10:14 AM
Hey steve
not sure what time we will be getting on Cape on Friday....will keep you in the loop.

Jim Miller
05-19-2010, 08:55 PM
it doen't look like I will be getting to the cape till mid morning on Friday. Will probably fish the West end some and then head to Chatham. Will be staying thru monday. Let's talk Sat. to see what is going on. :)
Juro....I will see you in Chatham

05-20-2010, 10:20 AM
I am ariving this afternoon staying at Nickerson till Monday, fishing from my trihull with a large cooler... Hail me if you see me !