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: Monomoy 7-15

07-16-2000, 06:02 PM
Mike and I kayaked out to Monomoy and made our first casts just before six. The first fish was a 31 incher on Mike's rod from the channel at the north end. I got another of about the same size that came to my hand but didn't want to get measured. Mike had the magic rod and caught all but two of our fish and for once that didn't bother me - just too much fun being there! I did get my first true and successful sight fishing in. It was a beautiful thing. A single fish cruising right to left. He was following the shore contour and with this in mind I cast well in front of him assuming he would continue. He did, I twitched the crab, he looked, I twitched it again, he bit. Not big at 25 inches but the whole experience was a lot of fun.

We spent almost the whole day at the large humps out on the common flats and I saw two schools of cow sized bass. Mike managed to hook one of them and was almost instantly into backing before hook and fish parted ways.

The crab fly was the ticket today and we used it almost exclusively.

All loaded up and about to drive away up drives Juro. With the heavy east wind he was going to the lee of the island for some evening fun. He showed us his new sand eel creations and donated a length of material for our efforts to duplicate it. It sure looks great and the prototypes have already done well. Thanks Juro and I hope the evening went well.