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: Helping Hand for an Inspiring Friend

04-24-2010, 10:08 AM

Hello friends -

I want to ask a favor from all who have enjoyed this site, and the work I've done to keep it running for over a decade now. For many of us, no matter what walk of life we've ended up on vocationally there's often an inner artist who is supressed in meetings, deadlines and commitments. This site is very much the personification of an alter ego for instance.

A friend and former girlfriend of mine Juliette Cusick despite having struggled through legal blindness from macular degeneration at a very young age to earn a masters degree has decided to pursue her lifelong dream after trying her hand at teaching in a vision-centric world. When you can not see print, or a computer screen without screen reading software and speakers, the work in a normal day job is 10 times, or perhaps 100 times more difficult.

For her the dream is no less achievable, and her dream is to dance and teach dance. In doing so, she has found herself and is the inspiration for many students and is able to realize a grace and beauty that defies her blindness such that it's not even detectable on the stage, which she carefully maps out with steps to 'visualize' the spacial constraints.

Yet crossing a busy intersection from the bus (unable to drive) to the studio can be life threatening at best on Boston streets. Although the simple can be impossible, the extraordinary becomes just as reachable for her. But she needs help.

So even if you do not donate a cent to the Forum, please friends donate to Juliette. Her current production is suffering from the down economy and she really needs our help to break even on the investment she has made into the costumes, stage props, theater rental, and countless hours.

Even if you can't attend the show, please show some support.

At the bottom of the page there is a paypal "DONATE" button.

Or better yet, come to the show if you are in the Boston area (Central Sq)

I'll buy you a beer after the show. Hope to see you there, or hope you can donate something to help her out.

Guys lets keep Juliette's dream alive.


04-26-2010, 05:57 AM
The show is this weekend, and I really hope we can help keep Juliette's dream alive...

let me know by PM if you're able to attend and I'll see you there otherwise please make some kind of donation.