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: Attachments are now fixed

04-04-2010, 11:53 AM
Sorry about that - they were not properly set up during the recent migration to the new server. Since I've bought into the support contract with vBulletin, they helped us out in a jiffy even on Easter Day. I wasn't planning on fixing it until tomorrow but had to see if it would work, and it does.

I've also up'ed the limits to 800x800, 80,000 bytes. A decent web image like you see on professional webpages is half of that, often less. Server storage will max out quickly without such limits, so posting images is something you get to do if you install one of hundreds of useful "image reduction for internet use" programs (like the free XP tool in the link at the top of this page).

For Mac users, you're probably finding out that while so many things are easy on a Mac, if you want to do something they didn't want you to do it's complicated. For example if you follow the iLife yellow brick road and publish it to a webpage or slideshow it's easy. But if you want to fine tune an image for use elsewhere it's obscure.

Here's how:

1) show the selected image's extended photo info (first choice on 'photos' menu), this will tell you what you are starting with
2) File-> export from iPhoto
- set quality to MEDIUM
- set size to CUSTOM 600
- save as "some name"
- then you have to go find that new image with Finder and Preview to see if it's any good

You will almost always get a good quality image the the server will accept this way; and this all depends on the megapixels you are starting with. If you begin with a 1mp camera you can do less reduction, if you are starting with a 12mp camera you will need to do more reduction etc.

With programs like Photoshop Elements you can fine tune the quality with a slider and it tells you what the filesize is as you visually see how it looks. Then you save it and you're done. It's pricey though, iPhoto and XP image resizer are free.

- J

(image below is 42 k, a little over half the limit)