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: Acklins adventure - 2010 / Mid-week

04-03-2010, 08:17 PM
We woke up to clouds and rain - UGH. I've got no crystal ball, but one thing I've learned over the years is go where fish push the water if the sun don't shine. I proposed it to the group, and all agreed. I'm sure it had more to do with lack of options than my sheer genius on the topic, besides it was just a wild-ass guess :)

Turned out to be the right thing to do, at least as far as the opportunities the day would present... although you'd never guess that looking at this picture...

I started with a looong hike and flushed a few pods along the way, very encouraging. I found a small creek that had a nice group of big fish working it. Even without sun, I had no problem spotting them - however it was tough making any advance without spooking the heck out of them and I watched them all scoot past me with fear in their eyes, or so it appeared. No hookups yet but it was great to see lots of fish without sun.

I walked all the way up and found it was a circular creek 'branch' with a great middle flat up inside. I'll return on the incoming next time and watch them charge in.

Eventually I spotted some pushing fish creating a wake about 75 yards away and walked aggressively to cut them off. Once they are close such movement will spook them but while they are far off it's possible to maneuver toward their path. Luckily, I stopped moving and they kept coming and I made a good cast...

As the day progressed, sun breaks would occur here and there. But for the most part it was look for the 'tsunami' wakes or tails. Which happened next... classic tailing like you read about happening. I got positioned and after several standoffish shots (not wanting to spook them) I got one in the right spot - not too close, not too far.

The delicate tail tips waving without interruption on the fly's landing, then one of them beats hurriedly toward my fly and submerges... I feel the pull and strip set back, the unseen hundred or more bones erupts into a deafening herd as my fish screams drag taking an impressive wad of backing and pumping my heart into overdrive. This was emphatically a 'stalked' bonefish, everything had to go right, and it's never easy but it's the very best kind.

So we made the best of it, picking one up here and there, seeing them too late to cast and knowing we'd have a great day with more visibility but it's all part of the game and any day landing multiple bones DIY without sun is a good day.

Sunbreaks were few and far between...
Tom has pods surging up and tailing
Walt is out standing in his field (flat)

As the day waned and we got hungry, a large pod of bonefish suddenly appeared from nowhere. I think we all got shots but they got a little freaked out since we had waded right into them. One squadron split from the ranks and came right at me, and I finished the day with a solid 5 pounder, and felt really good about the day despite the conditions.

One thing that always keeps it interesting is the wildlife. This pair of cranes appears to have opposite colors, yet have the same face and bills and were obviously a couple, probably nesting in this mangrove island.


04-03-2010, 09:23 PM
Great. Looking forward to the next one.