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: Minimizing what we bring...

09-07-2000, 04:37 PM
As I mentioned earlier, both the charm and the trouble with Washburn is that it is on an island. It's really easy to get carried away by bringing too much.

For the potential 20-25 people who will be able to attend the dinner on Sunday night, we need to consolidate what we bring in terms of large bulky or heavy items.

Tables: If I recall there already is a picnic table out there. I have a outdoor full sized table as well, so there will be two. I can either take it back Monday night or leave it and get it later if the hard core's need it.

Coolers: We really only need two large coolers at camp - one for fish and the other for drinks, food, etc. I can bring a 100+ quart cooler for either purpose. We need someone else to also bring a big cooler, particularly if the person is staying the duration. You should bring tupperware to keep your food dry in the large coolers. Fish should go into one, food and drink in the other. <font color="ff0000">We need one more big cooler.</font><!--color-->

Stoves: For a peak attendance of 25 people, two (2-burner) propane stoves should suffice. I will bring one, so only one more please and it should come from someone who is staying the whole time. <font color="ff0000">We need one more coleman style stove and fuel cans.</font><!--color-->

Grills: To grill food on sticks means no cleanup and great eats for the group dinner. To do kabobs we will need two small portable grills like last year. I plan on buying one. We need one more - unless there are already two out there then I will not bother. If those staying the whole time want to grill, then you should be the ones who bring the other grill. <font color="ff0000">We need one more small grill and fuel (or charcoal).</font><!--color-->

Lanterns: We can adequately light up the site with three or more lanterns. Those who are staying all three days should bring the lanterns, but I will probably bring mine for the big Sunday gathering. <font color="ff0000">Full term clavers should bring two or three lanterns total.</font><!--color-->

Tents and sleeping bags: We should all plan to bring what we need in terms of shelter and comfort. If you only have a huge tent, please tell us that so we can maximize the people/tent ratio and lessen the load for boats.

Water: We should try to use no more than 3 gallons / day for cleaning water (5 for Sunday) and 2 gallons / day for drinking (other than personal spring water, etc). I will bring a 5 gallon container of wash water and 2 gallon container of Poland Springs on Sunday morning. <font color="ff0000">We need one or two 2 gallon spring water jugs and additional wash water. Alternately, we could all bring our own drinks and therefore we only need additional wash water.</font><!--color-->

Sunday Dinner: The auction proceedings will pay for dinner. Anything not covered will be collected by a passing of the hat. Those who can pick up designated food items from the list (coming shortly) will be reimbursed, let us know ahead of time that you are the one getting an item to get refunded (and avoid multiple items).

Boaters: Those who are kind enough to take us out to the rips will not pay for dinner, and we should offer to cover gas for their trouble. I suggest some flies too, right GregO?

09-07-2000, 06:11 PM

If you want to pick up my 2 burner propane stove top & tank on your way down, you're welcome to it.


09-07-2000, 06:31 PM
Juro et al,

I agree, cut down on cargo. We'll be fishing hard and yappin/sleepin hard.

As I said in the sign up I'm bringing:

2 burner stove. That's done.
Propane tank with gas tree. Serves 3- 2 stoves and 1 lantern on top so Juro-don't bring propane for your stove.

1 folding card table for the both stoves

1 lantern

09-07-2000, 07:04 PM
For hard goods, I'm bringing a 48 qt. cooler (Juro- does that qualify as "big"?) and a lantern.

Can't wait!!

09-07-2000, 07:32 PM

Please check your email and the comment section of my profile. I added stuff thats on this want / need list.

09-07-2000, 09:37 PM
Sully -

Thanks for the advice but realistically I am unable to extrapolate effectively from multiple inputs. As a QA guy you already see that by creating yet another reference point I only confuse the issue further, but that being said...

Do you have that little grill from last year?

09-07-2000, 10:21 PM
OK Sully, read all the other information.

As a result, Brian C can hang on to his 126 qt cooler because Marvin and Sully are both bringing 48 qt coolers. We lose a few quarts in the exchange but the load can be spread across two boats that way. Thanks anyway Brian. I will still leave a 115 qt for a fish cooler, making one big (fish) and two mediums (food).

I will also be omitting my stove because Sully is bringing the other stove (to go with Terry's) as well as that really neat little grill. I will be buying and bringing a grill like that one, making two for the big dinner. We should be able to grill a dozen or so jumbo shrimp and steak tip kabobs at a time with two grills and the two stoves will be enough for the Estey side dishes of Zatarain (sp?) beans and rice, and in case you didn't hear Bob Parsons will be coming with some of that unbelievable <b>Boneclave Chowdah!</b>

I will contribute a slab of scottish smoked salmon with capers, sliced vidalias and dill.

We will be bringing an assortment of pies from Shaw's on the Bourne rotary for dessert. We'll probably stay away from the cream pies but their pecan is unbelievable and their apple, straw/rhubarb, blueberry, etc - all looked incredible too. A few cans of real whipped cream to top the slice and we have a camp gourmet celebration.

<b>Please keep in mind that we will do dinner earlier this year so those boaters who need to get back to the ramp can do so before it gets too dark.</b>

Camp dinner crew will sacrifice some late afternoon fishing time to prep dinner, we should think about eating no later than 6pm. I suppose the dinner crew is me, Al, at least one of the magic Estey chefs, Bob Parsons (but we'd be glad to warm up the chowder for you if you want to fish).

There will be plenty of time to enjoy the campsite for those who are staying overnight, and the sunrises are always beautiful when you wake up in tunoid territory.

i'm so outta here
09-07-2000, 10:53 PM
I'm someone who does extrapolate fairly well from multiple inputs, but I can honestly say that keeping up with the list of who's bringing what as related here on the board is absoultely mind bending. Please, everyone, read the list on the <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">roster</a><!--url--> and let me know via email if it does not jibe up with what you thought you were bringing.

09-07-2000, 11:18 PM

Yep, I broke the Cardinal QA golden rule that multiple routes leads down a rathole. DUH!

OK here goes. I have a portable LP grille (which has been around the block) so I'll fire it up and make sure it's OK. If not then I'll buy a new one (hope the technology's improved). I'll also definitely bring an LP stove and lantern. We're better off to have the camping crew haul the items needed for the duration. SO forget your stove.

Next I'm bringing at 48 qt. cooler with food packed for Monday night. I will forgo filling it with food if a landlubber trip will provide better provisions. Plus a small cooler for cocktails" border="0" align="middle"> prevents opening the big one.

As for sleeping quarters I'm best off to sleep alone. My snoring will keep the wildlife at bay. <img src="" border="0" align="middle">

Water. Everone should bring some. Can't have enough sweetwater.

Offers should also be made to cover boaters launch fees and fuel and food. Can I fish with Brian the albie slayer Sunday A.M.? Seriously!!! Also, Terry would make last years dominating team complete for a repeat! Clavers 15 albies 5.

Now back to my double secret flies. <img src="

09-07-2000, 11:19 PM

- Nick is coming and leaving on Saturday so the stuff he is bringing will need special arrangements to obtain (utensils, plates, etc)

- Food for meals should include: Estey's Zatarain's side dish for 20, BobP for Chowdah (as you mentioned in the need bowls quote), Terry for Salsa and chips

- Lanterns should include Terry (mine leaves Monday)

- Wash water is only 5 gallons, someone else should bring a jug

<font size="1">hey maybe I can extri... extro... extre... extrapolate!</font><!--1-->

i'm so outta here
09-08-2000, 07:29 AM
Well, at least you guys are sticking to a single thread

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Gear list</a><!--url--> is current as of right now. Nick and I have arranged to hook up for the plates and etc. exchange. BrianC sent email this morning that he will be bringing his cooler.

Easy to see how he missed the message that we are all set. Juro's original message (with the red highlights) clearly states that we "need one more big cooler", effective at the time but adding to the <font color="DC153C"> confusion</font><!--color--> after the fact. Not a criticism, just pointing out that we need to come up with a better system.

What we propose doing for future claves is to centralize the gear list within the database structure. That is, when the clave is declared, a list of needed items will be supplied and this will be translated into a battery of checkboxes in the signup form; clavers can then check off those items they can bring which will remove the item from the displayed list and assign it along with the person's name to the "Already have" list. Of course, this action can be repeated as needed right up until zero hour and the mesiter will be able to add or remove items the whole time. This may require some cajoling away from the board as a source of reporting, but I feel it's our best bet to making Washburn and other locales a little more clavable.

09-08-2000, 08:25 AM
Let me start by saying that you're doing an incredible job organizing the event I love the pages you were able to put together. I can't wait for the weekend!!

But.....I'm not sure who sent an email about bringing a cooler, but it wasn't me. No big deal, but I will only there for Sun AM and do not have a cooler to bring. BYW, I think you're proposed system should work well.

I would love to hook up with you on Sun AM again if things work out. I have a "hidden friend" coming with me, so you and Terry would make it a little crowded, but we could give it a shot.

BTW, if the albie's finicky mood doesn't change before Sunday, our mark of 15 will be untouchable. Either way, it should be fun!!

Sea Ya Sunday

Brian C

09-08-2000, 08:39 AM
Brian n Sully,

Thanks for the effort. I will gladly sit aside and run my boat to help the gang. If it's flat outside, I'll poke out and get into the action.
I have an offer to ride a big boat on Mon as well. The terrible trio will hook up another day. (the fish gods have deemed we had too much fun together last year).


i'm so outta here
09-08-2000, 09:21 AM
Sorry, Brian. It was Tim who sent the email (a little brain fart on my part Thanks for the kind words.

We are getting close. Please keep checking the gear list.

Bob Parsons, email sent to ropar@ma.ultranet is being bounced. I have some info for you that cannot be posted here on the board.

09-08-2000, 09:47 AM
Al -

Per our conversation the other night additional database / sign up work for gear would be awesome. We don't want to push it though - your services once again have been the catalyst for the clave's success. Something to shoot for over the next several claves

I will use the other gear summary you provided and the signup comments from this point on and urge everyone to do the same.


i'm so outta here
09-08-2000, 10:17 AM
Thanks Juro. I was a bit worried that "all that useless hoopla" was in reference to the signups" border="0" align="middle">

Bob, I solved the email problem -- a missing ".com" in the email field. I've sent that info I mention above and corrected the email address in your profile.

God damn! I'm getting juiced for this. Someone come down to Hingham and scrape me off the ceiling <img src="