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: Redesigned Danielsson Antireverse Control

03-10-2010, 12:37 AM

Redesigned Danielsson Control Antireverse

New Control series!
These reels have fine tuned mechanics that canít be matched. The drag knob sets the minimum level and then you apply more via the handle. The handle is very slimmed to the housing so there is no chance for line lockup.
The design has been remade in the way that each reel is slightly lighter that earlier, without comprehending the structural integrity. These reels are build for tough conditions.
The way to handle the drag can be compared to what is found in a car. We learn this in a natural way. When the handle is pushed or pulled a slight counter force is felt which is proportional to the amount of drag applied. The system is very easy to control.
The reels are build with few but strong parts, this guarantees that the reels will perform well for many years.
We have seen that the handling of the reel will significantly increase chances to catch the fish. This is the real effect of being able to control the fish in a totally different way. We have a couple of customers that started to fish with the control reels. They have kept statistics over their salmon fishing during many years. When they started to fish with control reels they increased 50 % regarding landed salmon. One of them is now up at 92 % caught salmon. They confirm that this increase is all due to the control reels. This might be hard to comprehend, but remember that many people didnít think that the large arbor reels would be a hit. Now the large arbor is a world standard, this is all due to our Original reels.
Keep an open mind and welcome the reels of the future that takes fly fishing to new dimensions.
This is the best reel that we ever build, totally fantastic!

Danielsson , made in Sweden.