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: Eleuthera Report 1/26 - 1/31/2010

02-07-2010, 12:10 PM
We arrived in a persistent cold front with winds of 10-20 mph that clocked slowly from NNW to S on the very last day. I tried Savannah Sound almost exclusively and saw many small schools of large bonefish. It took me a little while to determine what flies they liked at the time. Basically just a small white Gotcha however all I managed was a few follows and no takes. It was blowing 10-20 and always from the wrong direction with regard to the sun since I can only cast right-handed. I’m sure my problems also were presentation and probably should have tried a size 6 with no eyes to decrease the “plop” sound. Some other guys I met tried small white Gotchas with some green and hooked up but broke off. Their only hook up after 5 days. Also I should have been really gentle with my strips. I was advised those fish have seen it all and I managed to scare every school I came across. My guess is that black neoprene dive booties also should be replaced with tan/sand colored wading boots. Live and learn.

Savannah Sound: On the incoming tide positioning near the grass line at the edge of the flats seems to be the play. As the bones move in they disperse widely with good numbers heading deep into the right side near the muddy mangroves and piles of conch shells. Typical sighting of tailers are groups of 5-7 large fish going after small whitish crabs ranging from the size of a dime to 2.5 inches across. Even at high tide tailers are highly visiable as the the water ranges from 12-16 inches deep and the bones are doing headstands pummeling the crabs.

As the tide ebbs the fish position in distinct features. They can been found in across the more northern section in very skinny 6-8 inch water. Also fish that may have finished feeding can be seen running along the flats/grass line border in 18-24 inches of water. Lastly there are good groups at the northernmost point in ultra skinny water with highly tuned radar switched on.

Cruising 3 foots sharks abound as the tide starts to run. They're found along the grass lines bordering the white sand flat.

The wind was down on the ocean side in front of my rental house on the last day. I caught a small bone on my second cast with a small chartreuse clouser. Then another good one. Then other species like a palometa, gray snapper and a small angry barracuda.

The Friday Night Fish Fry was awesome and tasty. Danced for quite awhile, met some guys sailing a boat from Marblehead to Cuba to pick up a new Russian bride and hit Ronnies for more drinking and dancing til 2:30am. Tippy's was also a nice hangout.

Overall Eleuthera is a very nice balance between a stripped down out island experience and has the convenience of fresh food markets and some night life. I'll return sometime soon. Just not in January!


02-08-2010, 04:38 AM
Those Savannah Sound bones are sure hot and cold.

Next time when they're tailing heavily in shallow water, lengthen your leader (16ft) time it right and drop a small crab fly right on top of them when they're splashing like mad. Their own noise helps to cover up the flys entry into the water. Let it sink and wait. When the tailing stops, just slowly drag the fly along the bottom...no strips!. Any weight, do a solid but short strip strike.



02-08-2010, 10:35 AM
Marty, sounds like some tough fishing. I had my own tough fishing in Grand Bahama this January, so I know how that goes.

02-08-2010, 11:18 AM
Sometimes I believe those fish are eating small snails or tiny mussels. They just seem to root for a long period of time in one place, then move on a few feet and continue rooting.

Did you go thru the sand there and catch any small crabs?

Jim Miller
02-08-2010, 05:34 PM
Nice report.
I did best there with a small white crab pattern also. Small clousers worked well too! :D

02-08-2010, 05:43 PM
Henry - That sounds like great advice. There always seemed to one bone that alerted the others. I'll try your method next time.

Bjorn - January is tough but still better than winter in Boston.

Vince - I did try to dig up some crab holes but they seemed to be dug in quite deep. The larger ones I saw scurrying across the sand in shallow water. I will focus more on catching some so I can "match the hatch" more accurately.

I'll keep following this group to pick up tips. Of course in another 4 months I'll be sniffing out Stripers.


02-09-2010, 09:34 PM
I found that savannah sound fished best on the first hour of the incoming with size 6 and 8 sili leg gotchas and small(turneffe) crabs.

This was by the ball field ;)

Only 54 days until my 9 day stay :hihi:


03-11-2010, 11:19 PM
Been to 'Lutra one time, and hopefully it'll be the last. Good DIY bonefishing my @$$! I mean, we did catch fish, but I had better luck out the back door of my little beach cottage in George Town, Exuma. Fish up to 5 pounds and a hot bite. Glad to hear so many are headed that way, though... maybe it'll save the really good DIY for the more adventurous anglers (a group I wish I was a part of).