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: Sandy Point

02-03-2010, 09:41 PM
The island we call Sandy Point west of Watch Hill, RI will now be watched over by The US Fish & Wildlife Service. The Avalonia Land Trust, which owns the island, has grown tired of enforcing the rules there protecting endangered birds that thrive on the horseshoe crab eggs and sand eel-silverside populations. Grasses protecting it from rapid erosion are being trampled and trash is being left behind. The Service is studying the local human populations' input in an effort to meet the needs of birds and humans. At this point it looks like 50 percent of the island will be roped off to the public and only certain areas will be allowed boat access. No one will be allowed above the 'mean' high tide mark in marked areas. The USF&WS will patrol the area on a some what regular basis and help enforce the rules. Fees will still be charged to those venturing onto the sand where allowed. No dogs will be allowed as well as open fires unless in a grill. Leave nothing behind except foot prints. My only question in all of this is who is researching the main reason the birds are nesting there in the first place? I fish there because of the sand eels and so do the birds. Bass eat sand eels and the birds help me find them!


02-04-2010, 09:53 AM
I would befriend the USFW folks, as we do at Monomoy. Great source of information and a lot in common per the care of the resource we share.