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: cheers from italy!!

01-24-2010, 06:18 PM
I'm a fly fisherman from more than 10 years, next trip usa, to catch trout !!big and wild trout!!!
Hope to met other fly fisherman!!

01-25-2010, 06:59 AM
Welcome.....let us know where you would like to fish in the USA and I am sure someone will help you...

Stai bene...

01-28-2010, 01:46 AM
Parli Italiano?
bene, 2007 sono stato in florida, ora cerco di organizzare qiualcosa per andare a pesca, non solo vacanza ho solo l'imbarazzo della scelta visto che l'america e' cosi' bella e grande.
La ringrazio comunque.
Cordiali saluti

01-28-2010, 06:31 AM

Yes I do speak and write a little bit in Italian....been many years since I have used it...the fish around here speak only English!

But at the risk of you losing some valuable information I will respond in English.

You mentioned trout and I do not do freshwater fishing but my friend is a guide
in Massachusetts and Connecticut and will help you if you are ever in this area.

I assume that the spring summer and fall is a better time for this type of fishing.

Just ask and I will get you all the information you need.

As far as other parts of the US some other people here can help I am sure.

Also if you do a search on this site you will find a lot of information to help you.

Buona fortuna

01-28-2010, 09:28 PM
And if you come out to Oregon and Washington to fish for big trout you are welcome to set up camp on our place and do a little trout fishing with us.:cool:

02-18-2010, 04:53 PM
Very kind !! i believe oregon or what you would suggest me??Massachussets?...i believe that whereever i can go i will be near to the paradise.
What do you think is the best place to go there for the first time (for trout fishing)?

02-19-2010, 11:54 AM
Since I do not fish freshwater maybe someone here could give our
friend from Italy some idea of the best times to come over and try
Western MA or Connecticut rivers....

I will contact my friend Ted Lewis and he will know the best times
and places in both Mass. and Conn.

Amico mio...remember that Massachusetts is on the East Coast of the USA.

Oregon is on the West Coast so you have to narrow down where you want
to visit unless you have unlimited time and resources to travel around the US.

Once you have decided where you want to go in the US then it will make it easier
for people to answer your questions....

Again...good luck....hope you find a great place to fish...