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: Long distance claver this weekend

10-10-2000, 07:11 PM
Nate Mantua from the Pacific Northwest will be visiting the cape this weekend. I'd like to ask all to extend a warm welcome to this steelhead schnauzer and first class guy.

I'm sure big girl bar will be on the agenda at some point, hope we can all hook up for a typically great outing.


i'm so outta here
10-10-2000, 08:50 PM

Welcome to the madness. I hope I get to meet you Sat. morning at the bar.


10-11-2000, 08:42 AM

Are you guys still interested in a Sesuit Boat run? Do you want to plan on it as a definate, or shall we wing it? The later would allow us to see if this wind is going to lay down. Also, I told my wife that this would be a one day deal, but maybe we could do Big Girl on Sat. & Sesuit on Sun. (OR maybe you guys can do Big Girl on Sat. & I can just do Sun.) I may take the boat back up north after this weekend to start fall maintenance. Let me know your thoughts so I can get a game plan together.

10-11-2000, 08:52 AM
GregO -

We are grateful for whatever you can manage, if you only have one day we can opt for either (a) Sesuit (b) Stage Harbor (c) Bass River - depending on wind and conditions.

I was figuring on one day on shore with the tides being at mean zero this weekend (minus only in the PM).

Sesuit would be Billingsgate and Brewster Flats; Stage Harbor would be the rip between South Beach and Monomoys (with possible peek outside on the keeper grounds) and Bass River would be working the riplines and flats along the Herring, Bass and Parkers River mouths.

All are good bets but the wind will dictate.

Let me know which day or days are best for you and we will work accordingly. Weather's supposed to be real nice, wind is supposted to lay down tomorrow. I think I heard BobP Jr. warming up his motor...

Bob - what are your plans for the weekend?

Greg D - how 'bout you?

10-11-2000, 10:16 AM
Welcome to beautiful Cape Cod.Hope to see you at the bar.