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: Bauer Fly Reels Service

01-14-2010, 10:50 AM
I want to put in a good word for Bauer's service dept. I have a MSL 5 that has taken more than it's fair share of abuse over the last 6 seasons. It has been dropped repeatedly on all kinds of surfaces and is my 'kayak reel' so it's regularly sumberged in SW. I have never had to send the reel back for any kind of service. The reel got a good work out this season on albies and I noticed the bearings starting to sound a little bit rough. I spent the $40 (incl shipping) to have the reel/spare spool serviced at the end of the season. I got the reel/spare spool spool back today and both are immaculate. Bauer replaced all of the bearings, spindle, guts inside of the star drag knob along with replacing/updating the clutch, seal and clicker. They also put in a brand new solid cork drag plate. I now have more/smoother drag then before and the new clicker sounds great.

Big thumbs up for the service folks at Bauer!

01-14-2010, 11:12 AM
Hard to beat Baurers service. I sent an old M5 with clutch problems back for an upgrade last year. I swear it came back better than new.