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: Lobster fly

07-27-2000, 09:38 PM
I just finished tying my first lobster pattern and I think we should start a pool on who laughs the hardest when I break it out at the tip rip. To give you some idea, I showed it to my mom and she said "Your very creative but not very artistic are you." I tried to explain that my style is more along the impressionistic lines but she was laughing too hard.

07-27-2000, 11:53 PM
Don't feel bad, me thinks ALL Lobster patterns look goofy.
Something about them big felt claws, ooooo realistic, not.
BTW, at what point do we stop calling them Flies? I mean really a 6" Crustacean Pattern and all. I guess that would make you a Crustaceanfisherman. Of course now that I spouted off, the Pope will have his Lobsta inhaled by a chukunda Bass! Maybe I should go back to bed.


07-28-2000, 09:05 AM
My lobster "fly" is clawless. I figured my clawless crabs work just fine so why not clawless lobster.

I have no idea when we should stop calling them flies so I am not going to worry about it and call 'em flies if I use 'em with a fly rod. The only time I thought that it might matter was if you were going for a record. How does the IGFA define a fly?