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: General Forum Need?

12-12-2009, 09:50 AM
I have posted the question on the Moderators forum on whether it would be good to have a new forum for nonfishing matters. A "pull up the stool" type of Forum....I will report back the moderators feelings on this and whether we will or not.

12-14-2009, 04:44 AM
It would certainly reduce the off-topic clutter in the topical forums :lildevl: .

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Not a bad idea but with the activity here it would be like watering down water.

Maybe I've found a new years resolution. Start at least one thread a week.

12-14-2009, 04:54 AM
I agree with Fred. Things wll pick up in the Spring when the fish arrive. FishHawk

12-14-2009, 10:00 AM
Yes, I agree...I was also thinking in the same vain. That is , since the fishing here in the NE is down, as well as elsewhere, an off subject forum might be good. Unfortunatly, as I suspected, only 2 moderators responded so far, but there were several "views" and no responses....Juro will have to decide and it is no big deal.

12-14-2009, 06:56 PM
well, it's as dead as kelsie's $&%# around here so anything may be an improvement. while things may have slowed down on other sites, at least there are signs of life there.

ice fishing for stray cats anyone?

12-14-2009, 10:50 PM
Yes there are signs of life, but if you look you will see that on ReelTime, atleast in the NE forum it seems as though it's the same 20 or 25 posters all though. There is even a request for Articles requested by Cahill... and on Jeff's board it is the same thing... same 20 guys give or take. Jeff's board even has a long thread on "Participation" where some of the older (longer on the board that is) guys came forward out of obscurity to comment. So I was hopeful that , especially in the off season (except for the travelers) a forum might be set up for general a good way....we atleast have a more international flavor and the Steelhead stuff from out west... I have not looked at the regional sections on ReelTime so can not comment. Fly swaps are gone.... no one posts flies anymore and that is not just here... are we all getting tired, perhaps so. I have played golf for 30 years.... and while I was fishing alot I had at times only 4 or 5 rounds a year at my club... this year 70 ( I also have a golfer girlfriend who will learn to cast). I only say this because "intensity" of interest can wane... then come back, and so forth.... it's not the fishing that wanes... it maybe all the talk that does. Just a kneejerk reaction.... a lot of guys are gone... they are alive, but not on the forums..... I can name 20 guys who I know still fish but have lost interest in the internet... in fact I can remember... maybe 10 guys who I "beach walked" with who over the last many years... bought boats ,and are tuna fishing or looking for off shore stripers and.... then sold for example I would like to take up more shooting, trap and clays.... not hunting. It's too bad... but we are like the stock market..... our stock was once $129 per share... now we are $15..... so we can go up or fold... but nothing we can do here will do it I fear... those that can hang in should.... We we once only about 25 guys when the forum started.... so small numbers will still work....hang in untill outside factors in fishing push us back up. Just an opinion. ...btw...look at the shows, guys are just plain tired and bored about them.... even in the MIDDLE of winter, when it's good to get that shot in the arm... the "high" is not there it appears..... The "high" from fishing still there (I firmly beleive), but not the other stuff....same old talkers and tyers... at one time it did not matter to me because just going was great and we once had our own booth at the shows..... now, I really don't have the energy to crowd around a fly tyer I have seen for 20 years do the same thing...and same "useless" products.. we could really use some young flyfishers starting out.... it might get our juices going again. When I was chairman of men's curling at Winchester Country Club years ago, the sport wained because we could not recruit younger curlers, (even when the Olympics highlighted the sport for the first time), The older guys died, and NO new blood.....gone. But I confess I really don't know how to do that here, or , honestly...if the work is worth the effort. It is a fact that WE ARE NOT a club, so membership here is usually by word of mouth or just happenstance.

12-15-2009, 09:09 AM
This is not intended to come off as a bad mouth for another site but RT has been hijacked by non flyguys for some time and is really a forum for 15-20 guys who seem to live fairly close to each other. Most posts seem to be about the ditch during the season.

I for one would welcome more talk about the state of our atlantic fishery. I know those topics tend to spiral downward but it sure seems there is trouble on the horizon if not already at our doorstep.

You might want to stay away from politics though. Those topices can really get out of hand from my experience.

From what I've seen, sites really benefits from the more experienced anglers posting something about technique or a place they've fished to get the less experienced anglers asking questions and contributing. I would like to hear more about using the two handers for both stripers and steelhead from guys who have been at it a while.

More volunteer events would also be a great addition. I really enjoyed the big brother event last summer. Winter would be a great time to get something going to raise funds for the giveaways. Seems last year there was a struggle to find funds when the event came around. There are some talented guys on this site who could easily raise some money auctioning off a day or two of guiding or casting instruction.

12-15-2009, 09:20 AM
Sounds like a good discussion. I was just thinking of what we have lost... The booth at the shows, the fly tying day at Stoneybrook, The fly swaps, The casting demos after the shows, little interest in the dinners at the shows, a dying of Rip trip participation (an with good reason because of cancellations), the dying of the Bone Clave participation, same with the canal clave... we still have the Spring Clave atleast and occasional demos run by Juro. Not to beat a dead horse, but people are gone... people that come to mind, JeffB, grego, Terry(Lefty), ssully, Nick, Bob Pink, Marvin, Doogue, Dfix, Jeffg, Roop, The Estes brothers, Jim name just a few that come to mind as I type this...But Mark sees what I see on the other boards as well.... The general discussion board COULD be about anything save flamming...but I have not heard from Juro as of yet to get his thoughts. Then again... we can simply do nothing. Maybe we just don't care.... do we?

12-15-2009, 11:11 AM
All have good ideas on getting more interest here. I know nothing about face book but could we somehow link with that site? It would bring a lot of people our way. How about a section with posts on where to go to see fishing vids. I never go to you tube to watch fishing vids but if flytalk had a section I just might watch them. Still like my idea of a Liars Den section where one could tell fishing related lies and get marked on a good lie, bad lie or no lie by members. That could bring in some really interesting fishing stories. We all love a good yarn and really good true fishing stories.

12-16-2009, 07:13 AM
like everyone else here, i agree that the forum needs to do make changes-particularly in this era of diminishing interest in our sport. however, my perspective is a bit different. perhaps before we rush headlong into trying to do new things, maybe we should first take a frank look at what the forum is or has become, and then take a fresh look at what we would like it to be- particularly in light of current realities- and then lets discuss how to get there.

it seems to me that, like many internet boards, the forum has evolved into a chat board between a handful of regular friends and a few more infrequent participants, primarily involved in cape cod striper striper fishing, northwest steelhead fishing, and bahamas bonefishing, with an ocaisional get together. i would have to say, more as an observation than a criticism, that while the forum has the feeling of community , that feeling often has an insular side to it.

i for 1 have little problem with where i believe we are-a successful chat board where we have met and made new friends over the years-and what's wrong with that?. but, the question is: is this where the forum want to be- a chat board and little more. if the answer is yes, the the next questions are how do we make it a better chat board/community between the few of us and how do we revamp the forum to be consistent with the acceptance of the reality of what the forum is.

if the answer is that we want to be something more than just a chat board/commuinty then the questions are what, how do we get ther(because we are not there yet, and who is willing to commit the time to lead the charge, and who is wiling to do what in order to get there. make no mistake about it, it will take sustained leadership, time and money.

wherever things go, an honest assessment of where we are is the first step.

Dble Haul
12-16-2009, 12:29 PM
That's an excellent observation.

12-16-2009, 04:16 PM
Neal's assesment and observations, in my opinion, are spot on. My problem with each of the options is ...How do we make it more than a chat board? If we want to go that way what is to be done. If the option is to improve on the current "chat" format...what is it that we need to do? It seems to me that we have the 'Numbers" for the current chat format, and, in fact, probably need to do nothing more more since the numbers and "insular" group is already present. So the challenge is to go with the option to seems to me that that is what we would want...speaking only of my opinion. But I have no idea how to do that especially with the current reality of reduced participation on the forum and other forums. Interesting is the fact that if we can expand.... and end up making friends with new guys... will we not always be considered "insular"? Won't the new guys end up at some point meeting up and fishing with others on the forum? Won't many end up on first name basis? Won't the events that we have which we alway keep open... attract new members to join in? Haven't we said this over and over? Juro, JimS and I always keep the rip trips to anyone who is registered? Are we suppose to write our threads differently to sound "more" friendly. Don't we feel that we can "argue" points with those who we know on the forum.? Finally, won't there always be guys who will feel that we are insular.... I can only say that having been involved with the forum since the beginning I have a difficult time trying to figure out why we could ever be considered insular....looking at the record of friendships formed here. Is it because we simply 'know" each other that we are insular to others? So as we expand , if we can... will we not always be considered insular... just a larger insular group than before? I am stumped. Particularly when the only guy I knew before the forum that was ever on the board was Juro...I met everyone else from the years on the forum...many of us became friends...this is, There will be some who always feels that because of these friendships...WE are Insular....I simply don't get it. What do these people think..that we will always address ourselves as STRANGERS. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE......what else do we need to up at their doorway with a welcome kit? I am simply expanding on Neal's points. I need to really understand why people would feel this way. Sometimes it's the persons own hangups about it. which we really can do nothing about it...But to simply feel that we are insuler SIMPLY because we know each on first name bais can not be OUR problem.

12-16-2009, 10:36 PM
The responses from the Moderators... those that replied have all been positive.... One suggestion I will make is to Change the name of the "Getting Started" forum to "Getting Started- New flyfishers Welcome"... also we need to fill the moderator vacancies... for example we NEED a moderator for the "New Member Profile".... someone to watch it and answer new profiles... We should also Have a "Forum Activites" forum.... where any event in the individual forums can be listed... We do have references on the Home page but maybe in the forums themselves. Finally I must emphasis that we NEED a general BS forum. This is a start.

12-16-2009, 11:00 PM
I certainly agree

Also, I respectfully disagree with Pete that Forums (Foria?) are passe. Even in the age of Twitter and Facebook, people still need to read, communicate and broadcast with the great outside world, even though it be constrained, as TFF is, by a specific interest. If we get a general "What's on your mind" basket created, who knows what three-pointers our lurking readership will put up.

I love to fish. I have steelhead swimming by my front yard. Haven't caught any. Yet. Went to Belize; talked about that. What else have I got to say? Pretty much takes care of my posting potential.

We could all start new threads: e.g., What do you think of Sharkskin lines, but, what the hey. I don't want to troll and I suspect none of the moderators do, either.

So, wherever Juro is on this, let's start a what-the-TTF calls a "Chit Chat Forum." We could call it "Cracker Barrel" (but that might restrict it to our rural correspondents from Georgia) or "Free For All" or "Spooled" or whatever. I think it would be a transfusion of vital bodily fluids to something we're all fighting to keep off life support.

I'll start with "What happens when Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin take over the Executive Office in 2012?"

Juro, where are you?



12-16-2009, 11:47 PM
Thanks Eric... I can not suggest anymore....I can not argue my point anymore..nothing can be done without Juro... and we have made our case..... so I will quote Eric..."Juro, where are you?":confused:

12-17-2009, 04:14 AM
may day, may day, earth calling spaceship juro, mother ship about to crash- please come in

Dble Haul
12-17-2009, 02:33 PM
I'll start with "What happens when Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin take over the Executive Office in 2012?"

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

12-18-2009, 12:34 PM
I'm in Halifax on a high security Canadian aerospace project with few windows to access the site or take a leak for that matter - will be back late tonight and try to catch up on things.

On first scan - sounds like a new board, cool.

12-18-2009, 03:24 PM
Aliens have landed and have been spotted up there...Right? I knew it!!!!!!You can tell us...Where have they landed and are they friendly?

12-18-2009, 03:34 PM
Klatu barada nikto !!!

12-20-2009, 07:37 AM
ok john and eric,
don't you feel just a bit petty demanding to know the whereabouts of a bona fide intergalactic secret agent, especially for such mundane matters like the mere future of the forum? how self centered. (ha,ha, ha). and i'm james bond-- no , really,i am .(ha,ha,haaaaaaa)

12-20-2009, 07:45 AM
ok john and eric,
don't you feel just a bit petty demanding to know the whereabouts of a bona fide intergalactic secret agent for such mundane matters like the mere future of the forum? how self centered. (ha,ha, ha). and i'm james bond-- no , really,i am .(ha,ha,haaaaaaa)

12-21-2009, 07:32 AM
Hmm.....twice this past year in October and April I commented on the nature of this forum using the term "closed society". I got a bit beat up about the comments too but it was what I observed and now I think you see the point.

What to do about it? I've seen some forums start off with great growth but it's growth that can't be sustained. Soon (a relative term) you have people with 1000's of posts talking to themselves. New people tend to shy away. Like old stars, we begin to shrink. Maybe effort should be placed in other areas, freshwater, rod building, etc. with a moderator for each subject to kick start discussion. Or maybe all good things come to an end.


12-21-2009, 08:45 AM
About a full decade ago by far the largest flyfishing bulletin board I was aware of was the Virtual Fly Shop, which was part of Fly Fisherman Magazine. It too, as active as it was at one point, shrunk down to where there were about a dozen guys who posted multiple times every day. Part of the difference there, though, was that outsiders were often intentionally made to feel unwelcome. I remember that early in the 2000's there were enough guys who got fed up with that attitude that there was a mass exodus for Fly Anglers On Line and VFS all but evaporated a few years later. As long as everyone feels welcome here I'm not sure there's a whole lot more that can be done. I do know that many of the forums here are very rarely active so maybe a complete overhaul of them might be in order. Truthfully, I don't think you want to just add a few more. In fact, I'd be tempted to say that you should eliminate one or two (or combine several) for each new one added. $0.02.

Dble Haul
12-21-2009, 10:02 AM
Forum consolidation is something that I have seen work for other bulletin boards that have become, for lack of a better word, stale. I think that it is an option worth considering here.

12-21-2009, 11:09 AM
Forum Entropy...where more becomes less!

I agree that consolidation should be considered.

About the only place I see where adding forums makes sense now-a-days is at SOL which is tri-state centerd and has a huge membership base fishing all kinds of ways.

I kinda miss the bbs style with one forum. Blantons site always seems active.

12-22-2009, 08:34 AM
Forum Entropy...where more becomes less!

I agree that consolidation should be considered.

About the only place I see where adding forums makes sense now-a-days is at SOL which is tri-state centerd and has a huge membership base fishing all kinds of ways.

I kinda miss the bbs style with one forum. Blantons site always seems active.

You've hit on two of the three most active sites I know of for fly fishing. The other is Speypages. Even SOL has only one board that's specific to flyfishing. Although the archaic structure of the Blanton Board is sometimes frustrating, there's no doubt that it is consistently active and that a host of very knowledgeable anglers stop there frequently. It's the one board that I go to multiple times each day I'm home.

12-22-2009, 10:06 AM
Interesting to see some of the comments in this thread.
I believe I could be called a "lurker" - I look in on the forum with some regularity, but very seldom post anything. Basically, I have little to add to any of the discussions. Coming from western NY, my striper fishing is at best twice a year trips to the Cape, and maybe once for a bonefish trip somewhere. (Acklins). I have gotten useful information from this site, and have contributed a few things in the past.
I have attended a couple of the spring Striper Claves, and have met some of the regular participants; those events have been enjoyable. One Clave meeting led to a longer term acquaintance with one fine gentleman.
I do not detect any exclusivity to most of the discussions. I don't have a feeling of being "Welcome" or "Unwelcome". If I have any comment, I feel free to post, but I seldom have much to add. I would have a sense of loss if this forum ceased to exist. Like many endeavors, it takes a few dedicated individuals to keep the organization functioning. Many of us, myself included, are just on the sidelines.

12-22-2009, 11:41 AM
GM, FredA and Jrspey make goods points and is helpful... Miller is still at it and says "we see his point ". Beware of such misdirection...Nowhere has any one concluded that this is a closed society and in fact all post do not come to that conclusion, This has been discussed at length, and yet one individual can not let go of it and joins in with the same help, just negativity. A rehaul of the threads and perhaps some new ones are the way to go I suspect but will not necessarily help. But it is a look at things to do. If He feel this is a closed then stay off the forum or grow up and stop crying that no none "likes me". Miller has MADE his point and it is not the concensus need to bring it up ALL THE TIME...BE USEFUL ....I will take it a step further...I want you Miller to show me where on the forum there is a thread that concludes we are a closed society....Proof of it, not your sensitivities... where???? show it or change the subject.:mad: The only reason to bring it up is to stir up trouble with outlandish claims not supported by fact and only based on "feelings" that no one else seems to "feel". You say it is what you "observed" had better show me what you "observed" or knock it off. I beleive you will not come up with any which will be a FACT to prove my point and my other posts on your bizzare claim.

12-23-2009, 09:42 AM
Well? I am still waiting. .......See, without an answer, this is a classic example of Baiting by Millerbrown, which I saw from the very beginning. Making up stuff, posting irrelevancy, then sitting back to watch the fireworks.

12-23-2009, 03:01 PM

I originated the "closed soceity" comment.

Sorry for the late reply. First, I didn't start the thread "general forum need". I believe you did and if I'm not mistaken it dealt with the shrinking number of participants to this forum. Responses, other than mine, gave examples of forums that began to be taken over by small groups of individuals with posts that were of a personal nature. Such conservations belong in the venue of IM and texting and not, as I believe, on a general forum. In fact, the "general forum need" thread began to coalesce into just what I was taking about: Good conversation among a circle of friends but not of any interest to a general flyfishing audience. I believe that may be the problem. I did offer suggestions.

The decision is yours. Do what you want. It would be a shame if a new potential contributor visited this site to get some information but followed a thread down to comments like "when will you be there?" or "I'll be there if if my wife let's me go". Like I said, that's what texting is for.


12-23-2009, 05:11 PM
I can not disagree more.............policing conversations and expecting participants to forgo ANY discussions on Where they will be or if their wives will let them go ....ALLOWES others who plan on attending some fishing venues to know who might be there as well without the need for incessant PMing. You would better be served by Googling matters of general information on subjects instead of joining in with the give and take that this forum has developed. Simply stated your suggestion WILL never happen between people who get to know each other and for those who will get to know others on the forum and may end up as friends. I will go so far as to say that looking back on YOUR posts tells me that you do not practice what you preach..............Your continued statements in threads about it serves no purpose whatsoever except to to describe your intolerance and is contrary to what almost all people on this board think the board should be and what it is. I will also say that you have stated your beliefs and everyone knows how you think. But you have not shown any direct evidence about a closed society as I understand the term to be.... and ONLY your "feelings" about it. You ought not join in unless you wiill add to a thread and stop "putting" people down with your sence of isolation. In the future I will moderate the threads I am assigned. If the forums do not interest you then you should not participate.... rather than "sticking it" to people. I maybe wrong but I beleive you sgined up for a spring clave once...Why would you do that according to your philosophy of life here. On the related point of a general forum issue.....telling people to keep their conversations to "information only" is laughable and not even close to any fact , if you like people as I do, making the forum more personable is what I beleive is the best course. But I seek others for their opinions and have received many good ones.... a general BS forum is a way to acheive this which is 180 degrees apart from your opinion... thanks ... we got it. The solution for a person like you is to NOT post. it is not to throw anymore little bombs in will be moderated going forward.

12-23-2009, 06:38 PM

Do what you like but don't ignore the comments like "it's the same 20-25 posters", "chat board...a handful of regular friends", or "is this where the forum wants to be, ...a chat board and little else". Those are not MY COMMENTS, but are comments from contributors to this thread!! They were writing about this forum and others that have the same problem. You'll have more than one messenger to shoot.

I didn't go to the 'clave but do go to other events. I also host a fly fishing site and give presentations on fly fishing in Massachusetts. Yeah, I belong to a "community" too.

That said, I wouldn't be rocking your dory anymore.

PS. all of this should have been a PM between us.

12-23-2009, 07:40 PM
Ok, No I don't want to PM since this is an OPEN discussion and any solution will not be arrived at by me and you PMing... that should be obvious..... So.... what is YOUR solution? The issue is to increase PARTICIPATION if that is at all possible(since there are other factors at play as well).... the problem, in your mind is the friendly chit chat....what can you offer that you think would help...police the forum and eliminate friendly chit chat? Doesn't make sence to me a solution..... and looking at the history of the Forum..that is , when we had greater numbers....we had the chit chat . It is ironic is it not, that the suggestion of a general chit chat forum supported by many here WOULD be intended to keep posts and threads on fail to see that... and your previous posts have been accusatory and not proposing solutions have they not? I see this as all circular..... It is my nature unfortunatly, it appears, that friendly chit chat is harmeless , encourages friendships , and has ...from past numbers and history... the reason the Forum grew in the first place............PS. If you host a flyfishing site then I would be very interested to see how that site is handling the "chit Chat"...what site so I can look at it to see if is as liberal as ours and how you have policed it to make it information only...and if it has a solution why did you not provide meaningful solutions as has been employed in that site??????

12-23-2009, 09:55 PM
I frequent a few sites, each for differing reasons. One of those hosts the core group of the Maine contingent that attends your Spring Clave on the Cape. It is one of the few boards that seems to be growing in posting members. I believe the reasons it is growing include the fact that it has several sponsors who donate items for monthly give-aways, the site members have multiple gatherings scattered around the state - whether for "tie & lies," fishing or just small gatherings on the spur of the moment; we have fly tying contests with the winner and a random voter getting one of each of the submitted flies; there is a good pattern section and a lot of discussion of fishing techniques, spots, and tying techniques. There is a lot of encouragement for new members to join a weekend fishing excursion where they can ask newbie questions and get answers and help from more experienced members without being made to feel dumb. And, there is a lot of fish porn photos - a real draw on any fishing site. Check out:

I think you'll recognize Drew, Chris, John Kirk (Title guy), Kim (Kimosabe here), Alan, Quinn (flychucker), and me, and maybe a few others from some of your gatherings.

I have attended your dinner gathering after the Marlborough FF show one year, a spey casting gathering at the Canal and 2 of the Spring Claves. I, for one, enjoy meeting with you guys, but for us Mainers, you are a pretty good drive away. I'd suggest that we try to have some joint gatherings in Maine and in Mass so that we could both benefit and enjoy the sport. It sure helps when you go to a strange area to have some contacts who are willing to show you around some of the honey holes, and share a brew and meal, either before or afterwards. I was really looking forward to Juro's demonstration of spey and double handed rods earlier this year, but it seemed to fall through at the last minute for reasons I didn't understand.

Speypages is another forum that is active -- again, I believe due to active sponsors; relatively frequent auctions on some great gear; excellant casting videos; excellant listing of speyclaves around the world, accompanied by photos, and a great willingness to help out a speycaster - new or experienced- with any problem. That site also provides one of the best, most active classifieds sections for anything spey, whereas the classifieds on this board remains fairly inactive.

I don't know what the solution is, but most boards are declining from their haydays of a few years ago when the forums were new ways to meet like minded individuals. I think if you are willing to accept new members and all have a good time, they will come.


12-24-2009, 06:48 AM
Thanks Gunner.....All we are proposing is to make a start with a chit chat forum... that's all for now and I beleive Juro is on board with that. I think staying positive and not negative should be the approach in everything....working with the way human nature works must be good. If people don't like the chit chat then they should stay off the Forum. I don:t think , from my own personal view, I need to be welcomming to negativity or whinning...just my own opinion. It seems that the reality, in my view, is the general lack or diminished interest in the internet forums and NOT because of chit chat.... and information Only forum will just increase lurking... does that make sense? So, make a chit Chat Forum which will encourage Informational threads to stay on target ( but not police them in a draconian fashion)...My points are becomming too repetative....even this question is not drawing opinions as much as I thought.....but over the most locations we can have a steady contact amoung us AND new people who wish to join in. Frankly, I like the chit chat...if I want information I can do a search or ask a question on Belize if I am going to travel there. I don't need information on striper fishing and would rather chit chat with those I know and if they will fish on a certain day or not.... orgainizing the Rip trips (which you will notice had new guy sign ons, right?, and were more than welcome?) All other Forums have this, A golf and shooters forum I look at and participate in as well as the other fishing boards ALL have chit chat...which you can simply ignore or gloss over...maybe even get a laugh from them. All good things WILL last and as long as Juro keeps this going and even if we lose numbers..... and go back to 20 or 25 posters.... it will survive..... this thread is just suggesting that we look at some solutions to keep it interesting and friendly not mechanical.

12-24-2009, 07:34 AM
I just Posted this on the Moderators Forum... just as an FYI... to keep moving forward.

"Juro, when you get back from Canada... can you set up a general chit chat forum...something like "liars den" or some other name... also perhaps look at culling down or eliminating some of the other forums that are dead and combining them into one...also fill the Moderator vacancies at the same time or shuffle them around with new Moderators, if acceptable to existing Moderators.... tighten up the forum...... Maybe a form for outside activities... What about a UK forum???? I would love to read what those guys are doing....A Canadian fishing forum... stuff like that... Can we open this up for input from the other Moderators to get other ideas?"

12-24-2009, 04:44 PM
MillerB... I really need you to tell me what is the web site you that I can look and compare it to ours visavis the so called Chit Chat. I want to see how many "friends" communicate back and forth and will want to see if your critique of our board has been delt with on is a simple question. Or, is it all a smoke screen. I will be looking for the same critique on yours as you have done on ours if there is any useless chit chat which you dislike....I would expect there would be since you could not be just selecting our site alone to claim the "closed Society"would you? If you are then it brings into question some of my original thinking here. Just post the web site, thanks. Your hosting a web site came as a surprise to me since I would have thought that you could have offered some positive thinking here...some experience to help us know, providing the website has forums.