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: Anegada BVI Bonefishing!

11-12-2009, 12:37 PM
I just returned from a week in Anegada and have to admit the bonefishing lived up to all the hype! I was apprehensive at first after talking to several people who had been fishing with not even a sighting. But I had a trip booked with a guide name Sly who works with Garfield Faulkner and decided to go anyway. Hey that's why they call it Fishing! Well we hit the flats at 7am on a falling tide and as we pulled up tailing bonefish were everywhere! There were several schools working a narrow flat, these fish are big. We caught 4 that morning and they all averaged 3.5 to 4 lbs. The fish would move off when we hooked up but after releasing a fish they would school up again and head right back at us.

Sly is a very accomplished Guide he, kept a watch on the tide and when it got to a certain height he moved us off to a new location and put us right back on the fish. I will say it is windy there with narrow exposed flats directly in the prevailing winds. I had 8 and 10 wt rods with me and ended up using the 10wt mainly because I could cast it better in the wind.

Having fished Belize, the Bahamas and the Fla Keys; Anegada is right up at the top of my list for quality big fish that are accessible. On the down side other places have more fish and a broader choice of flats to fish but the island is definately worth a trip. We fished a waning moon; it had been full a few nights before we got there and a early morning low tide. That combination worked well in Belize the year before.

Anegada itself is also very pleasant we stayed at Neptunes Treasure, the people there make you feel at home, the food is great (lots of local lobster and fish) My son caught a nice 26in Snook off the dock out in front of the Hotel on the 8wt rod. Someone else hooked up a small ~10lb tarpon there as well.