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: Deep in backing video trailer and Part 1 of 3

09-16-2009, 07:00 AM

Here is a short trailer of a 3 part video on fishing the Aux Outardes river in Quebec North Shore region.

Part 1 Deep in Backing

The video will be in 3 parts, because it's total size of 2 gig is to large.

This video traces 6 days I spent at the side of Julien Favard on the Aux Outardes river In early June 2009..., The water temperature was still at 7 degrees Celsius snow and ice was still present on the banks. Fishing was very difficult, one must be armed with patience and luck to hook up those river lake trout (togue)

The video starts out quietly, the first part depicts the landscape and the smallest fish of the trips,

Part 2 portrays the beautiful scenery and Part 3, A surprise! --



Download (beter quality)

Part 1 of 3


Download (better quality)