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07-10-2000, 08:27 PM
hey Juro, I forgot where you said you got that see-thru drybag/backpack you had at Monamoy, could you tell me again? thanks, Tom D

07-10-2000, 09:51 PM
Hi Tom -

I've got two... one solid blue and one see thru. I bought one at REI and one at EMS. Maynard outdoors has the large size but not the small. The larger one (my old blue one) has a belt strap that is critical for comfort. The smaller one (small clear one) has no such strap around the waist and therefore the pack is very uncomfortable over the long run. I am going to modify it to include a belly strap.

I think the small was 24.95 and the large was almost 30.00. They are made by SEALINE and Seattle Sports (?).

The clear is convenient for finding stuff BUT... on the flats there is a problem. The sun heats the contents and if it cools (like the bottom stays in the water for a while while deep wading) there is a lot of condensation. I call it the greenhouse effect

The solid color makes it hard to find stuff but I used to put everything in a different color stuff sack. Red for first aid, yellow for lunch, blue for camera, etc.

I especially like the fact that these dribags provide a place to put anything you wouldn't want to ruin in the unlikely event of a swim. I only made one big swim but it was enough to make me a real incoming tide wimp. After the relatively calm 90 or so minutes after high, that flood comes barrelling in a breakneck speed. A bad decision stacks up against you with every minute of tiptoe wading. It makes me feel good that I have an airfilled object that will (a) hold my wallet, camera, etc... while giving me something to cling on to so I don't go down for the count.

I've had thoughts lately about a combo dribag / PFD and a patent application. It could be as simple as "U"-compartment dripack with some clever expandable straps.

Also, Buck's Bags and other companies now make very light, very cheap pontoon style kickboats. On calm days, they can be useful for crossing from bar to bar -or- as a tethered liferaft that won't slow you down. They have storage compartments too.

Anyway, I feel at this point the ideal bag is a compact dri-pack with a semi-opaque light sand color (semi-reflective) and a padded waist belt, quality shoulder straps. In fact, a thermally lined lower compartment would be nice for keeping the water bottle and lunch cold. Multiple compartments to prevent small items from falling under all the other junk would be nice.

Despite the condensation, the clear sure makes it a pc of cake to find things. Therefore a semi-clear or even the use of dots (re: auto glass) would be very cool.

Great bag for jumpin on friends' boats too!

07-11-2000, 03:14 PM
thanks for the advice, i'll stay away from the greenhouse bag. lol

07-18-2000, 08:46 AM
Hey Tom,

Check this out (sorry for not making it a link, but cut & paste will work...)- might be what you're looking for.


http://www.sierratradingpost.com//product.asp?base%5Fno=68420&str%5Fbase%5Fno=68405%2C68406%2C68407%2C68409%2C68 410%2C68411%2C68417%2C68419%2C68420%2C76212%2C7624 1%2C76251%2C76255%2C76256%2C81185%2C81186%2C81187% 2C99505%2C99510%2C99511%2C&header%5Ftitle=&page%5Fname=prod%5Flist%5Fdisplay%2Easp&search%5Ftype=L2%7E330&size1=&size2=&gender=0&ShowImages=yes&sq=60&cont=1&intPgNo=4&mscssid=GKEGWR4LB4S92G4G00J74TCGD3EKCAKB

i'm so outta here
07-18-2000, 10:10 AM

<!--http--><a href="http://www.sierratradingpost.com//product.asp?base%5Fno=68420&str%5Fbase%5Fno=68405%2C68406%2C68407%2C68409%2C68 410%2C68411%2C68417%2C68419%2C68420%2C76212%2C7624 1%2C76251%2C76255%2C76256%2C81185%2C81186%2C81187% 2C99505%2C99510%2C99511%2C&header%5Ftitle=&page%5Fname=prod%5Flist%5Fdisplay%2Easp&search%5Ftype=L2%7E330&size1=&size2=&gender=0&ShowImages=yes&sq=60&cont=1&intPgNo=4&mscssid=GKEGWR4LB4S92G4G00J74TCGD3EKCAKB" target="_blank">the link</a><!--url-->

07-18-2000, 08:53 PM
I second that "nice" but have to wonder if the lack of shoulder straps is good or bad...

From experience, I can say that:

1) The lack of a belt is BAD, the shoulder straps dig into the shoulders and if loosened don't stay in place. A belt and shoulder strap combo is a pleasure to use because the load is leveled.

2) The shoulder straps are convenient for hands free carrying of gear in many situations, not just long term wading in isolated areas. I find myself using them without the belt frequently when just carrying stuff from the car, the boat, to/from the beach with the family, etc.

3) The question is, would just a belt system be enough?

<font size="1">I will write the company as ask them for a test sample.

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