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: Waterworks Force 3X LT Reel (FS)

09-08-2009, 12:17 PM
This Lamson WATERWORKS FORCE 3X LT Direct Drive Reel is in as new condition with original box, directions, neoprene glove, and LIFETIME guarantee notice. It was only purchased as a back-up reel. I am presently reducing my reel inventory.

The Reel represents the world’s lightest full drag reel. A conical drag system was designed by Lamson/Waterworks, & is used to maximize the large, wide line storage system without the mass of a disc-dedicated structure. It can pick up line quickly, store it without coiling, and provide a constant drag torque. It still weighs in at a light, but strong 4.75 oz. The reel’s line wind can be either left or right hand. THIS REEL IS FREE OF SCRAPES, DENTS OR ANY OTHER BLEMINSHES.
Size of recommended line is WF8 + 150 yards of 20 pound backing. Although, with a thinner backing or a shooting head it can easily hold a 10 weight line.

My price including shipping/handling, & insurance is $210.00. (FINAL EDIT) Shipping is approximately 3 business days from a clearing check. E-MAIL donnavon@verizon.net (PIX AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)