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09-05-2009, 05:36 PM
Things were a little slow the last two days on the Albie front. Sloe tides. Tides turned strong this afternoon on the out going. Found a rip with birds all over it and the tuna happily feeding in some serious chop at the back of the rip. Very tipsy in there. Only three boats in the area. Unusual. It's Labor Day weekend! Several drifts and no hookups with busting fish. Legs were getting tired so I left the line out and trolled for one more run up and over the rip and busting funny fish. Hooked up trolling. Landed that one and trolled back...another................another and two more after that. This stuff is wearing me out! Fish every day, go to work at night and pound the pavement..........maybe a little sleep in between. Albie fever! I'm out of the teens in only four days of chasing these guys. Should top twenty soon. Awesome season so far.