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11-02-2000, 11:46 PM
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Spring Clave - already done.

Monomoy Clave - early June, lots of photos, many already scanned. Chuck's 34", I think I had two legals with one to shore and the other to the leader. John Middleton got a 34" and lots of people got lots of big brawler bass.

Monomoy Clave II plus - Bill Stanton's cow, lots of last years' legals off North Monomoy although a bit slow on the flats... until a little later! I went thru two punchcards with Rip Ryder and was working on a third when the season ran out. Stupendous Monomoy flats, channel, and oceanside fishing mid-summer. Fall tapered and never seemed to regain itself - but the fish were all off Chatham and South Beach / South Monomoy all summer and fall. It seemed they never really had a reason to come back inside with all the bait on the ocean side. Just ask BobP JR, Bruce Peters, etc!

Tip Rip Virgin Voyage - Gregg's cow; happy hour - once things got going it was amazing. More shore legals on flies, hot and heavy action.

Rip Trips 2 and 3 - The fun never ends when there are pigs on the line, udderly amazing again. A little slow on 2 but those who knew the drill found the pigs easily. Trip 3 was a blast furnace summer heat wave day but the big girls came to play anyway.

Yakbone I - the right spot, the right tide... but about two weeks too early. Nice striper show on pogies, classic fluke fry for those who hung in. Masterful display of tactical beach attack technique by the A-team. Tim St.Laurent kept the legal chain intact, bones on South Beach but not close enough for shore bound fly flingers. Tunoids still in extreme choosey phase, a shorewide phenomenon in the early half of the tunoids year.

Boneclave II - A washburn classic, justice was done to the tradition started in BC I. The generosity of boat owners, sense of camaraderie and camp accoutrements were unbeatable. Many tunoid virgins lost it, spanish macks kept things busy in between. Blues and bass made their presence known. A first class event, can't wait till Boneclave III!

BIG GIRL!!! - What an achievement of the collective psyche of the group! How many 35"-40"+ fish came to the fly, from shore during this incredible stage of our epic year? The development, sharing, and celebration was a triumph. With John Morin as our area host, the days fishing and nights at the Angler's Society HQ were equally enjoyable. Congrats to all who scored their biggest fish of the year at the Big Girl Bar! (great name Bigcat!)

Rhodyfest / BC Steel Claves (simultaneous) - Rhodyfest under the meistership of Al Deluca was another total success, with the addition of RIMS access courtesy of statesman ArtB and sea attacks courtesy of Ray, Tim, and Al. Although I was in British Columbia I hear that the camp festivities were black tie as far as camping goes, top rung food and fun.

And in BC... Tyler, Brian - I am amazed at the experience that the Thompson River offers. And it's steelhead... legendary. The clave was a trip I will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

And that's not to mention individual trials and triumphs, adventures and friendships formed, long distance soulmates like Pete from Calgary, Nate M from Seattle, Ken Jenkinson from Australia... and a special new addition Al's wife Jen Harvey!

Boy, I got my work cut out for me this winter. If anyone wants to help, please let me know. I guess I won't really be bored once the season ends... in fact I might finally get something done! <img src="" border="0" align="middle">

My most sincere thanks to all. My expenses for running this site ended up being kinda high this year, but honestly I'd double that to have half the fun I had in the process. I will be proposing a break-even fiscal plan for 2001, our second year. Any volunteer treasurers out there?

If you have any materials like photos or words that go with any of the above Clave Journals, please send 'em in. I'll post to indicate the journal I'll be working on to provide ample notice. Thanks to all who have already sent me awesome materials, also to Matthew Boutet who has volunteered to do some web publishing work with me this winter. Al - without your web wizardry we'd all be in BBoard hell when it comes to logistics and clave organization. You've been the mainstay of our automation capabilities since day 1!

In fact so many have contributed so much - that's what makes this kind of "internet anglers club" so damn great!

Thanks to all, and on to Journal season. Well... after this weekend that is <img src="

11-03-2000, 02:06 PM
I haven't even replied to the "Lessons Learned" Thread yet. I'm holding off until full-blown off-season boredom & depression sets in. However, with learning to tie & a Honey-Do list longer than my arm, maybe the winter will fly by. Right now the priorities are to get the "Last Fishing Fix" in, get the boat back up North, & begin winterization. This time of year you should be happy that your kids have straight teeth. There's nothing less fun than spending $$ so you can stare at your boat under a tarp for 5 months.