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: Land Locked Stripers

08-14-2009, 04:27 PM
Anybody chase them with the fly? Have been invited down to Virginia to fish the Roanoke River in the fall. From what I hear it's pretty good.

Any feed back would help. Didn't know where to post this so I will start with the saltwater experts.


Dble Haul
08-14-2009, 09:07 PM
With landlocked stripers, find the bait (usually threadfin shad) and you will find the fish. Since there is an obvious lack of tide, finding the bait is not as easy because it will not be accumulated on tidal edges or in rips. That being said, if you are fishing a river, treat it by finding current breaks, big holes, and depending on its size, look for bird activity.

For flies, standard saltwater baitfish imitations sized to the predominant bait will do. Due to the probing nature of this type of fishing, fast sinking lines are usually use.

08-15-2009, 10:00 AM

Thanks for the info. I guess the fish come up the river on a false spawn run. Sould be interesting.