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: Weekend Report - Elbow

08-04-2009, 09:38 AM
Greenheads! I try not to think about them but they're late this year compared to most at least in high numbers. Sure I saw a few around in June but now they are into the persistent and omnipresent stage. I have the leg welts to prove it (wet-wading). Luckily standing out on a flat with a breeze avoids greenheads, but you may need to bolt to the car once on shore.

Likewise, the fishing seems to be holding in an earlier summer state (luckily) especially with the dawn floods over the weekend. I didn't get out much but didn't need to work hard to hook and land multiple 15-20 pound class fish. YOY herring are showing in good numbers and sand eels are hanging around. The flats are loaded with shrimp, seaworms, small flounder and crabs. I did get some rejections on the sinking line in bright sunlight, and the clear intermediate did make a difference although it did not deal well with the tide change currents for presentation.

It was nice to wet-wade but I was reminded of the benefits of waders and catch and release - a bloddy scissor-cut toe from wading barefoot onto a large calico crab who retaliated with vigor, I also impaled the side of my bare foot with the quahog rake, and cut a finger while cleaning a 32" striper for dinner. The ticks were detected before they got their fangs into me, but the mosquitos and no-see-ums ate well on my exposed legs.

The cherrystones and grilled striper are very good, but I'm getting the urge to find some fluke and blue crab lately... anyone want to PM some tips I'd be grateful! :)

08-04-2009, 01:46 PM
Up here in Canada we know about biting insects!
It's also too hot (usually, but not this year) to wear waders in the summer. I use light weight nylon microfibre pants to wet wade and they provide pretty good protection from mosquitos, deer flies, horse flies, black flies, ticks, etc., etc. I also tuck them into gravel guards and baffle the leeches (not a problem in the salt!). They drain fast and protect my skin from the sun.
You can also buy Permethrin solution which binds to the fabric and doesn't wash out and this provides even better protection from insects and ticks.
I hope to be back in the Cape this Fall with some buddies but by that time the bugs aren't really a problem. Its good to hear that the fishing seems to have been better this year so far.


08-04-2009, 04:54 PM
OR....you can just stick real close to his honor the right honorable mayor/ President of CAC.....he seems to emit some kind of repellant that keeps the greenheads at a respectful distance....not anything mere humans can detect or replicate.....just ask Frank:)