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07-23-2009, 10:41 PM
Hi everyone. I have an opportunity to fish the Grand Cascapedia the end of August. Can this be a productive time for the Grand or should I save my money? I am not sure if the grand gets fish all season or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to do the right thing. If I have a chance at good fishing I would go but if it is a poor time of year for this river I would rather stay home. Anyone have some words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance

07-25-2009, 04:36 AM

Im always fishing the area around the Grand Cascapedia at the first half of August.
Most time the fishing is good, but it is different from water level in this time and the
Pools you will fish.

I start fishing next week Thursday for a week.
More Infos when I`m back.

My best

07-25-2009, 09:31 AM
When are you fishing and in which zones.Cascapedia was rarely fished in August until the 80's ( more on that later). It will depend on water levels temps. and will be like any late season salmon fishing. Males can be very agressive as spawning approaches. Streamers like white marabou and mickey finns can be useful to stir up the fish if the are "lying in" as the english say of back end fishing. Cascapedia has, I believe, a late run of "red fins" which come in on the late summer and early fall tides. One can expect that fish will drop back from the upper river down to spawning pools near the bottom of the river as far down as the head of Horse Island.

07-26-2009, 05:40 PM
We went on the special offer. We are fishing august 26-27th on the specia loffer from the office. I believe we get to fish both branches and 2 sectors on the main river. Hope there are some big ones around. Always wanted to fish this river. I was away this weekend, did the gaspe get any of the much needed rain?

07-27-2009, 01:51 PM
Just my little .02 worth, August fishing can be very good with the right conditions. You have to realize that during that period of time, you are fishing over 80% of the salmon that will come into the river. The males become more and more agressive and dry fly fishing can be practiced with great results!!

The main section of the river (A,B, and C) generally fish better in August than the branches because the branches are much more prone to the effects of low water conditions. As it is now, the branches have been experiencing low conditions since quite a while. However, the main section has been pretty constant in its levels. Although the water levels had dropped, we have yet to experience the ultra low conditions that plague us during this period in other years.

I expect August to be a pretty productive month this year. The fish became active later than usual and the fishing on the main sector has remained consistant for us. We are landing anywhere from 2 to 6 fish per day on 3 rods. We believe that the lifting of the nets has played a role in the fact that we are seeing more and more fish in the pools and there are salmon that are holding in pools that have not held fish in quite a while.

Fresh fish with sea lice were caught on the A Sector and pods of salmon were seen in front of the lodge over the past few days. This is very exciting for us.

All in all, I can only tell you that the best time to fish is any time that you have your line in the water!! :) You'll not catch anything from your computer chair....:tsk_tsk:

We all know that everyones opinions as to when the best time to fish is depends on the exeriences that each particular angler has had. If you speak to an angler who landed a 40 pounder in early June, he will tell you that the best time to fish is in early June. If some other angler tells you that he caught a 40 pounder in July or August or September....that will be the best time for him!!

The bottom line is that the best time to fish depends on many variables: fish, water levels, temperatures, ..........and the willingness of the angler to think outside the box and to try new techniques :hihi:

Just my humble opinion.....

07-27-2009, 05:38 PM
Thanks for the information. I have fished a lot of the Gaspe rivers but not the Grand Cascapedia. Any advice on what size flies ( I know water is a factor) in general for august fishing. August 26 & 27th. Single or double and general size for that time of year. I am also curious what is used for leaders. I taper my own. 30-20-15-12-10-8lbs makes a 11.5 footer. Is this too light just curious. I have a single and double rod. Thanks for any hints that might make the trip go smoother.

07-28-2009, 05:14 PM
Just to give you an idea on the size and types of flies that our guests have been taking fish on (including 3 fish this morning :hihi: ):
most of our fish are being taken on #6 and #8 flies - singles and doubles. The patterns that are proving to be productive are the Picasse, the black stone fly, the tiger ghost, the black bear green butt and john olin;
spey fly patterns are doing well
dry flies such as the shrimp and the brown bombers are doing pretty well also

As for tapered leaders, I feel that you are using the right length but that you should be going from 15, 12, 10. This is the set up that our guides are using for our guests and we have had no incidents of lost salmon due to faulty leaders. My humble opinion.

Hope that you have great luck in your fishing! Tight Lines!!

Gaspe Salmon
07-29-2009, 10:54 AM
August is one of the very best times to fish this area, as long as we have water... that is to say, a good number of our fish are alreay in the river usually but there are still some fresh ones entering. As a matter of fact, this year seems to be a very late year for some rivers and the Cascapedia is no exception with fresh fish arriving daily.

IF you hit it on a bump of water it will be great! if not, it will sure beat sitting at home!

Screaming reels to you