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: $35M to Track Atlantic Salmon at Sea + ASF River Reports

07-16-2009, 01:24 PM
A $35M Fund will be giving a major boost to Atlantic salmon tracking at sea. Acoustic transmitters in salmon from rivers in every eastern Canadian Province are now being used to track fish using this amazing technology. This funding will take it to the next stage of unravelling the mystery of salmon migration and at-sea mortality.

For an overview of ASF's Field Research programs, go to the Research home page. There is also a downloadable two-page summary available there:

ASF's RIVER REPORTS have just been updated. Check the latest water levels and fish returns for many rivers:

Freshwater hatcheries run by salmon farm companies are an ongoing nightmare for maintaining the integrity of wild salmon runs in those rivers. Released farmed fish can compete, interbreed or give diseases to wild populations. In Scotland, for the first time a salmon farm has been forced to pay out for hatchery escapees.