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: Birmingham Bowline Knot

07-10-2009, 02:10 PM
Played around a little with this... one thing's for sure it makes a kick-ass wire leader loop knot with just one loop! I tied toothy critter wire into a really nice little loop knot and trimmed the end close, very nice.

Also tied several double loop knots w/ flouro - extremely compact knot and adjustable double loop that can be made really small. The knot itself is barely bigger than a perfection knot.

I will post some macro images and field test results shortly.

Check it out I think it's a great find from the mountain climber's knot book!

07-13-2009, 06:43 AM
Field tested over the weekend - passed with flying colors.

Only change I made was I started with an overhand (vs half-hitch). I used a lighter tippet on purpose to test strength of knot vs. stouter material. Orvis MAXKNOT Mirage in 15#, which is lighter than the 17# that popped the previous week on a common fixed loop knot.

I fished the same physical tippet with only one fly change over the weekend. I had to pick out wind knots and noticed abrasion from hitting the sand on a high berm area which did not affect the knot. I pulled out of snags, yarded up crabs, moon snails, horseshoe crabs and piles of weed without ever re-tying the knot. I hooked everything from schoolies to 40-inch class submarines and the knot did not fail even once.

I tried the doubled-over fixed loop (Lefty's - same thing I looked it up) but the knot was very bulky compared to the double bowline which is actually more compact and less visible than the standard single-strand loop knot. The fish did not seem to be at all deterred.

I give it a full ** PASS ** rating. Give it a try I think you'll like it.