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: ASF Researchers Need help on Miramichi Bass Issue

07-07-2009, 12:46 PM
A Reminder! Smallmouth bass were found in Miramichi Lake in the headwaters of the Southwest Miramichi in autumn of 2008. This is not a native species, and this is the first time smallmouth bass have been recorded from this Miramichi River. Biologists are concerned about the risk that these predators could pose to Atlantic salmon, and at present are trying to establish how far the fish may have spread from Miramichi Lake. If you capture a smallmouth bass during your fishing on the Miramichi system, please note the date and place of capture, and save the fish and get it to a fisheries officer. Or save it and contact ASF (Ellen Merrill, 506 529 1022, and we will make arrangements to get it to the authorities. See the NB 2009 fishing guide for more information about smallmouth bass in the Miramichi River system. Thank you for your help with this important conservation effort. Fred Whoriskey