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10-27-2000, 02:21 PM
With the season winding down, many people have packed it in, but others are looking for some "Last Fixes" there has been a noticable lack of reports (Barring RI Clave) lately. Is anybody Fishing? A few N. Shore reports, Al & Jen & a few others are still working B-Bay & a couple second-hand Outer Cape reports is all I've heard.

With everything pulling out of the N. Shore, there should be "something" going on on the S. Shore. Like that British Atlantic Airlines commericial says "Where Is EveryBody".

Come on boys, who's fishing Plymouth, CC-Bay, South Side, Westport, Lower Cape? Or is everyone raking leaves?

10-27-2000, 06:15 PM
Fished Westport last night until about midnight. Nice outgoing tide but no fishies. One guy tossing eels there no fish for him either. Although he did manage to drift one down my way and reel it up my back and down my forehead making a fine slimy twisted mess of my fly line. Did have a good fish break me off there Tuesday night though.

i'm so outta here
10-27-2000, 08:03 PM
Coastal waters from Chatham MA to Watch Hill RI, out to 25 NM-
Nantucket Sound-
255 PM EDT Fri Oct 27 2000

Gale warning

Tonight: Variable wind under 10 kts becoming N around 15 kts late. seas 1 to 3 Ft. Vsby 1 to 3 miles in areas of fog after midnight.

<b>Sat</b>: N Wind increasing to 25 to 35 kts. Seas building to 4 to 8 Ft, but up to 12 Ft SE of Nantucket.

<b>Sat Night</b>: NW Wind 30 to 40 kts. Seas 5 to 10 Ft, but up to 15 Ft SE of Nantucket. Vsby may lower to below 3 miles in showers late.

<b>Sun</b>: NW Wind 25 to 35 kts. Seas 4 to 8 Ft. Vsby may lower to below 3 miles in showers.

10-27-2000, 11:27 PM
Pretty grim wind forecast, Al.

If I were going out tomorrow I'd head to the Cape south side "homewaters" on the outgoing near river mouths if big girl didn't do it in the dawn calm. Of course if the wind goes NW it's not too bad thru the incoming on the rockpile rip but a straight N of that speed would be nasty on big girl. I wouldn't want to do an outer beach thing in those conditions. If things get rotten I would tuck up inside Bass River or hit the shore access points at the top of the tide from Hardings to Yarmouth; maybe even as far as Falmouth. Bound to be packs of migrating fish on the southside as there always are this time of year. Hit or miss of course.

Let's see... a strong north wind would blow all my leaves into the neighbor's yard...

10-28-2000, 09:03 AM
Tim thanks for the report. Westport was (& is) a good late season bet.

Just like good reports help focus our efforts in the prime season, poor reports help us not waste efforts in this late season. Besides for those who didn't get out, at least they can think "Well, I didn't miss much"

This Post was not meant to be a dig of any kind. With the spectacular weather we had this week, I was just surprised more people weren't fishing.

This is just the kind of week I think about while shoveling snow in Febuary!

i'm so outta here
10-30-2000, 08:34 PM
<font size="4">4 November 2000 - 5 November 2000</font><!--4-->

<font size="3">Chatham (inside), Massachusetts
41.6883 N, 69.9500 W</font><!--3-->

11-04 Sat 0:58 EST 0.45 feet Low Tide
11-04 Sat 2:27 EST First Quarter
11-04 Sat 6:15 EST Sunrise
11-04 Sat 6:45 EST 3.11 feet High Tide
11-04 Sat 13:16 EST 0.82 feet Low Tide
11-04 Sat 16:30 EST Sunset
11-04 Sat 18:57 EST 3.36 feet High Tide <font color="red">&lt;--</font><!--color--> rock piles
11-05 Sun 1:53 EST 0.49 feet Low Tide
11-05 Sun 6:17 EST Sunrise
11-05 Sun 7:39 EST 3.13 feet High Tide
11-05 Sun 14:13 EST 0.78 feet Low Tide
11-05 Sun 16:29 EST Sunset
11-05 Sun 19:53 EST 3.34 feet High Tide
11-06 Mon 2:47 EST 0.46 feet Low Tide