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: Chatham this weekend

06-28-2009, 05:39 PM
Headed down to see the deering cottage gang off after their week chasing tails. Pete did well during the week with his top fish 41" fishing with sponsor Capt. Art Sawayer.

I got out and about too late Sat to take the ferry over to North Monomoy but regretted it - looking across the sight fishing possibilities out there under bluebird skies with a great tide would have been stellar :Eyecrazy:

I loaned Dave my RPLXi so had only my Atlantis handy, which worked out great becauuse the incoming on the Refuge was great and I ended up with several legal sized fish and a bunch of schoolies using the hi-grain two-hander line to get deep eels under the current in thes huge tides. Bumped into Jeff B and a friend. There were still loads of bunker in the tub. Scallop shells everywhere, reported to be a bumper year for scallops.

Sunday joined dave17 and nmbrown on a recon of some UDL flats and found shoals of bait and big tailers flopping around but they were finicky. We landed a few but compared to the numbers seen it was tough catching, further research needed. I left wondering how many more tides it would take to figure them out, and how many other big fish I would be missing elsewhere during that span.

Without sun, I wish we had early and late lows so I can continue my streak with Big Girl bar which has been hot for me on those tides.

Big sea liced fish still reported to the west, so there's still more to come.

06-29-2009, 08:51 PM
Absolutely great week, weather didn’t always cooperate and neither did the fish, but you couldn’t complain about the company. Lou was high man one day with I believe nine, Pete was Mr. steady and always at least one step and a couple inches ahead of me, Tom had some quiet success, Dave seemed to just keep breaking gear and putting on a show and JB kept us all in stitches. The food was good, the rum sweat, the wine just fine, the “lounge” was improvised as weather dictated and all was right with the world.

Capt. Art gave us one hell of a final afternoon with Pete landing a 41”
myself a 39” and Lou a 36” everyone a personal best. Not a bad way to close it out and certainly makes you want just a little more.

To bad the timeing didn't work out for you Juro maybe next time.