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: Big Brother / Big Sister Day 09 in the books!

06-15-2009, 08:09 AM
The weather smiled on us and we had a fantastic group! Even avoided the white stripe!

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Albeit not the quantity of hookups we wanted, it was truly quality day with lots of smiles, new experiences, unforgettable scenery.

My match, Darren and Fendy, were awesome. We had a couple on but one was a bluefish who bit his way to freedom and another was a bass that came unbuttoned.

Lunches were provided by Guernseybass (Mark) and it was delicious. The BB/BS staff ladies Emily, April and Annie did a fantastic job picking tasty and nutritious lunch foods, fruits and snacks.

As usual the wiffle ball game was superb and the kids had such a great time we never did make it to the nature tour.

It was a great day and I already look forward to next year!


06-15-2009, 01:28 PM
A smaller group this year but still fun to watch the kids (and "bigs") enjoy the day. I had big & little sisters Kristen & Kieren who both gave the fly rod and spin a rod a good effort before the lure of wiffle-ball and frisbee became too great.

I think this year was one of the longest periods before the first person ended up getting soaked. But it was a rescue job retrieving the afforsaid wiffle-ball that was hit into "foul" territory :hihi:

06-15-2009, 01:47 PM
This was my first year and I will be volunteering going forward. I had great time with little and big brother Ty and Kevin. Although neither was able to hook up with a fish they kept at it and were the last one's off the water.

They were both a bit intimidated by the flyrod but they were also intrigued. We discussed lots of things including tides, food sources, migration, etc. Both were like sponges looking for more knowledge.

Watching them progress from never using a spin rod to being able to cast on their own by the end of the day was a real treat. What struck me most was how Ty would concentrate and try different things on his own. Some times we would get down low to the water watching his line with intensity and trying different ways to impart action to the lure.

A day well spent with a great bunch of folks.

06-17-2009, 01:21 PM
i call foul on the "deep wade" wiffle ball retrieve which undoubtedly put the fish down. i mean, we only had 12 lines in the water for who knows how many hours. definitely had nothing to do with my mentoring abilities...ahem...yeah...welllll...

...anyway, sign me up for next year. one of these years we're going to hit the motherload and I want to be there to see the smiles.

06-17-2009, 05:52 PM
Indeed it was fun watching the kids get into the fishing and the enjoyment of being out there. Fourteen year old Joe, who I "guided", got the only fish of the day. I suspect that he will not forget that for a long time. Maybe it will be enough to plant the seed that will grow him into a fisherman as the years go by.

Juro, you did a real nice job with the planning and managing of the event. I have got a pile of photographs and would post a few, but I cannot figure out how to get them into a manageable size for posting here.

Next year for sure--an event not to be missed.