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: Idiot Alert

06-18-2000, 08:27 AM
Date: Friday, June 16
Time: Approximately 7:00 PM
Location: Brewster Flats
Conditions: Windy, beginning of incoming tide

I was approximately 50 yards to the west of an angler spin-casting what appeared to be a small spoon. The next closest anglers were another 100 yards further east, and had their backs to us. This spin-fisherman hooked into a fish, and backed up onto the sandbar. He dragged the fish onto the sand, and proceeded to abuse the fish as he tried to remove the hook. The fish appeared to be 20 inches or so, but I was a little to far away to determine whether it was s triper or blue. After removing the hook, the angler tossed the fish up a bit higher on the sandbar to get it well above the incoming tide. He then went back to fishing. At this point I assumed the fish was a blue because it was far from being a legal striper. Here's the good part - after fishing for another five minutes, he walked back onto the sandbar, grabbed the fish, made a brief attempt to revive the fish, then just dropped it into the water. After five minutes! Talk about inexcusable behavior! Now I'm thinking it was a very short striper he didn't think he could sneak home.

Angler Description: Dark shorts, tan shirt, red baseball hat, approximately 6' tall.

Anyone know this yahoo?

Nathan Smith
06-18-2000, 11:25 AM
I love that spot but there are alot of idiots there. They will run there boat all over the flats, pushing all the fish of then try to fish it, kill fishing as you mentioned. Basic idiots.
My two cents, don't let them get away with it. Most just don't know any better. Say something to them. Usally they will stop.

06-19-2000, 09:10 AM
Hey, I'm 6'0" & my trademark is a Red Bo-Sox Cap. But I was not in Brewster (& I don't abuse fish!) :)