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06-07-2009, 06:37 AM
Hello All,

Since traffic has been light on the Forum as of late I decided that I will post NH news more regularly this year.

Yesterday morning was a perfect morning. I saw birds working in multiple locales while driving around in the early morning. I had gear in the car....and my 2 1/2 year old daughter. So I had no plans on going fishing that morning.

She and I had plans to run around in the sand at a UDL with nice white sand. When we arrived, the sight of 20 cormorants swimming around some large rocks caused me to grab the rod from the car. I have fished NH too many times now to not have a rod ready in a case like this.

We ran around, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves. I saw some stripers with their backs porpoising out of the water but they were all small. And then I saw some large backs and some swirls. I told my daughter to play in the sand and to stay put. One cast into the school and fish on. Low twenties. I let my daughter see the fish and then the school moved even closer (I had waded knee deep in the shallow water in my jeans for the 1st fish!).

Cast #2 and a solid thump occurs. After a drag pulling battle a 25-27" fat striper was at my feet. Again, we looked at the shiny iridescent fish for a little while before releasing it. It was much bigger than the striper stuffed animal that Grandpa bought her a while back.

I was pumped, had a great morning, and walked away from the school to go and play with my daughter. And she was thrilled to see the fish. She even asked me to take her "fishing" again this morning.

Awesome morning with some unexpected good fish. There are lots of schools around. I have also been bumping into them while kayaking.

Good luck,


06-16-2010, 10:38 AM
Hi Mike,

Saw your post from last year! What are you seeing this year around NH? I live in Vermont and have a daughter in Milford NH that we visit from time to time. Worth a drive from Milford to the coast?

Thanks and Regards,

Jim D.

06-16-2010, 07:53 PM

I would say that this year is better than the last few years.

If you want more details then shoot me an e-mail at I can give you the latest intel, and recommend spots based on your weapon of choice: spinning gear or the fly rod.

I like the Portsmouth area this time of year, and fish the Hampton area in late August through October. That is my rule of thumb.

I will be fishing in Newburyport tomorrow night, which is not all that much further away from Hampton, all things considered.