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: I'm back, what's up

Nathan Smith
08-01-2000, 09:28 AM
I posted my trip details in the trout section. I am ready to put away the 4 and 5 wt and bust out the RPLXi 9wt. By the way here is a plug for Sage. I broke my Rod tip my last trip to monomoy and sent it to Sage, From the time I sent it (3 day ground) til the time I got it back was 2weeks. They say 3-4weeks which they beat by a lot. Man I love Sage. Anyway who is going where this weekend.

08-01-2000, 01:30 PM
As you can see we did the rip trip... good time indeed. I'll be on cape this weekend but may be booked Saturday and possibly Sunday. I'll let you know as these firm up thru the week.

If you get a posse and want some suggestions...

Blues upper cape:

Even though the water's been cold outside, the sound has been warm enough to attract big blues. I'd be willing to bet that big blues could be found around Oregon Beach, Osterville / Craigville. If you're looking for flyrod venues, let me know by email.

Brewster Flats:

10am minus tide... not bad for a walk on the flats. The fishing has been hot out on Billingsgate but with the cool weather they might be back on the inshore flats. Parking if officially not permitted after 9am but if you pushed it to 11am you're probably OK. The fine is something like $15 BTW.

South Beach:

Outgoing through the morning has been berryberry good to us on South Beach. Lots of school fish with the occasional holy cow.

Merrimack R. :

Outgoing thru late morning... hit the Salisbury side at dawn and fish the seams from the grass bank at the landing to the lee of the pick past all the breaks to the base of the north jetty then head over to PI to catch the bottom of the tide on Joppa.

More to come...

08-01-2000, 01:37 PM

You read my mind, I'm thinking about the PI sunrise assult tomorrow morning. The tide will bottom out around 8:00AM, leaving time to get to work.

08-01-2000, 01:57 PM
If I can talk my brother into it we will be kayaking to the South Tip Rip!

Man are we nuts or what?

08-01-2000, 03:00 PM
Hey Grego,
I like the late low tide at 8:00 pm. Could be interesting!


08-01-2000, 04:04 PM
I did not think of that! Low tomorrow (Weds.) is 8:06 PM, we could go after work. It work be better than getting up a 4:00AM! Call me or send an email! GregO.

08-01-2000, 06:50 PM

Outer Beaches:

It's a pre-dawn high tide and there was just five miles of fish, bait and birds off North Beach and South Beach. Reports are that the melee is breaking up but these fish must be going somewhere. My guess is that some will move into the bay (Billingsgate, Sunken Meadows, Pamet) and some will hang around the pocket west of Monomoy on the sound side. Nauset Inlet must be on the list of stop overs for a mass of fish that big, and some will run up inside Pleasant Bay as long as the bait is up inside (and they are). Others will just move on but Boston Harbor has been s-l-o-w as far as I hear. Maybe this will be the northbound shot of fish everyone has been waiting for up there.

Morris Island:

It's a hit or miss situation but each time I've been there this year I've learned a thing or two. With Saturday's minus tide and good access it would be worth hitting the first sand bar (where the fish in the nasty image was caught) through the outgoing and fishing to the bouys out by North Monomoy during the low tide. Just be careful to cross back over the first trench partway thru the incoming or you'll be swimming across. BTW - the fish have been in that area lately. Once the flood is coming strong I wouldn't rule out the seemingly featureless pocket inside the sandbar near the stage hbr outlet. It is a deep hole full of sand ridges too deep to wade on the flood. Keeper bass come up onto that flat even in mid-day. With the dregding done, the harbor inlet and shoals inside the flat may provide some action on the outgoing too, one never knows. I've become much more fond of Morris Island this year.

Chatham Light:

Boy does the beach, spit and bowls look amazing lately. According to John Morin it's been hit or miss - but when it's hit some very large bass are caught. Easy off hours access and the structure is truly awesome. If the bait comes in and the fish follow, it would be a blast. If you get ambitious you could cross to the inside and fish south beach, but the parking at the light is limited to 5pm-9am with a 30 minute grace period (4:30 pm - 9:30 am).

Hampton Harbor:

Usually by late summer the fish and bait are in Hampton pretty thick. It's best fished off a boat, but if you roam around you can find some nice fish from shore. I usually use this as an excuse to fish the morning and have some seafood at Browns' or Markey's and feed the cow stripers some french fries for lunch. Not the best option for big fish without a boat but a fun day on the water w/ an entertaining lunch.

Southside River hop:

Herring, Bass, Parkers Rivers will all be attracting attention on the morning ebb. One, if not all, will have bass, blues, fluke and scup waiting for tidbits. Access is simple off hours, and $10 if you arrive after 9am. I would try the first mini-jetty at the lifeguard chair just as you enter Seagull Beach (Parker's River mouth). This spot is near a channel where fish run through on their feeding runs. From here work over to the mouth (east). As the tide dumps, fish could go nuts at the mouth of the river... even tunoids if any are around.

Westport River mouth:

Horseneck beach, Gooseberry, and Westport River mouth area is a gator blue haven. The area gets bonito and albies early and often thru late summer and fall. The launch is brand new and public. There is a spot to park down a side street (right hand turn looking at Horseneck from bridge) where you can make a short hike right to the mouth of the river. Eat at the little diner on the east side of the little peninsula. The lady who runs it is a sweetheart and she always gets my patronage. I walked up to check the door one frigid November morning when I was trying to extend my season. It was early and the door was locked. The lady who owned the place opened up and poured me a cup of coffee. She even offered some home fries being prepared by the early morning cook. I hit the water feeling like a million bucks despite the near freezing rain, I'll never forget that.

Nathan Smith
08-02-2000, 09:25 AM
Man thanks for all the info.

Hawkeye.... if you go on a kayak trip let me know I would like to go.
Juro....... Where is Billingsgate anyway?

08-02-2000, 10:42 AM
Billingsgate is a very large shoal that extends from Wellfleet on the bayside all the way to a point a couple miles off Sesuit. It ranges from 14 to 25 feet in depth even though it is miles offshore. It's the home of some very large sandeels and the summer home of some huge bass. They rove in and out of the various flats like Brewster, and get super fat like the South tip fish by August. I have pictures of bass that are even fatter than the tip rip fish from Billingsgate. When big fish are not inshore, they are out there. Once in a while the big fish come in, like in the fall. Huge B/S fish come to Bass Hole, Sandy Neck, even Sesuit late in the season. Charter boats clean up on them out there. Remember when the charter boats were huddled around the outlet of Sesuit this spring? The big shoal cows were in there instead of the shoals. Once the big sand eels came around all the charter boats run to the north edge. Commercials are cleaning up on them right now. These fish might have come off Stellwagon after the bluefin showed up.

I once landed 7 keepers by 11am on flies out there over 15 feet of water two miles from shore. My friend Tom is always getting 36-40" fish out there. We once saw a raft of big bass sunning themselves. I though they were blues but being brown, I tossed a fly over. It seemed like they all broke from the pack to eat my fly, and they were all stripers. Moras, whales, even sea turtles.

It can only be fished by boat unless you are talking the namesake island and it's surrounding sand, just off the shore at Wellfleet.