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05-05-2009, 07:41 PM
Jim M and I fished the Salmon this weekend. There were plenty of fish in the river, still a few spawning. It was tough fishing since, as of 1 May, absolutely no split shot is allowed in the fly zones. Getting a fly in the strike zone with a sinking head meant lassoing more than a few rocks; lost a lot of flies. We did catch a few and broke off more than we caught. With the 6# tippets, a large fish that made fast water was a gone fish. On Sunday, they ramped the flow way up. We could have resorted to chuck&duck in the spin zone I guess, but with a long ride home ahead, I bagged it at lunchtime.

No pictures, sorry.

05-05-2009, 08:00 PM
The fly zones are kinda worthless swinging water IMHO and way crowded so I tend to stay lower.

We did well enough in the lower runs fishing 8 - 10 feet of t14 using 12 pound test. Very few lost flies but we were not casting upstream but casting downstream just slightly and getting the flies about a foot above the boulders and covering the runs from top to bottom.

If going away from indicator type rigs you can fish a little differently and still get good results. I find it a little more relaxing than standing in one run casting over and over to the same spot. You loose less gear as well as you are swinging the tips with tension and no slack which if there is slack you start boulder wrapping.

Looking forward to getting back but think it might not be until fall though. Maybe we can get a group of forum guys up there.