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10-23-2000, 12:13 PM
I have been extremely fortunate to have had some incredible experiences this season. As a result, I strayed from my home waters and greatly missed fishing with one of my favorite partners, my brother in law. However, Sunday night renewed my faith in my home waters and agave us a time to catch up with one another.

We had spent the afternoon trying to catch the end of a falling tide, we returned to our families at the cottage for some nourishment and to make a deposit into the “good guy” account so we could head out again that night. As we watched the bay from the kitchen window, standing over the sink with sandwiches & beers, we watched the bay erupt as birds crashed the bait fleeing the water in a last ditch attempt at survival. There was nothing we could do, the wives had already headed out shopping and leaving my 4 year old in charge of her little sister & even littler cousin just didn’t make too much sense.

The wives return, the sun is setting, we hit the water and are soon into 20 - 26” schoolies on our #8 rods. For me, it was as if the planets had re-aligned themselves. I look over and watched Pete land a nice heavy ANGRY 25” fish - life is good! These twinkies had more fight than some of the bigger fish I landed this year!!

The bite slowed, we headed in for pasta & merlot with the family, donned the heavy fleece & headlamps and headed back out to catch the end of the drop. Silence, clear skies, flat water, cold crisp air & small fish busting bait all over. I only hooked up on top one time when I cast to where a fish had just erupted & stripped like crazy as soon as my fly hit the water (I was just too lazy to walk back to the cottage & get my floating line). The trick that night was to make our usual cast across stream and just let the fly swing, dropping the 3 -4 feet to the bottom with the intermediate line and then make a few small strips. You could feel the schoolies tap-tap- tap the fly and then finally set the hook when they hit hard. It was like fishing a rubber worm in a pond.

I’ll keep hitting the salt thru Thanksgiving but I’m ready for winter & happy to call this my finale.


10-23-2000, 12:34 PM
Jeff, you mean to tell me that you will stay salt until thanksgiving? That sounds great. Also, using the 8 wts. is the most fun and I will be going down to the 6's and 7's this spring. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. Have you touched base with Juro on any after season get together you mentioned to me a week ago.

10-23-2000, 02:25 PM

If by home waters, you mean Bourne, I'm also getting some very good reports. My dad is still catching Bass on a daily basis from his Kayak. He also had a 10 fish in 1 hour run, including a 28.5" rod bender. He says that the fish are down pretty deep, only showing an occasional swirl, but they're there!