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: Help me choose 7 ft #3 rod

03-15-2009, 03:21 PM
As mentioned I am buying around 7 ft #3 rod, any suggestions what to buy ???

03-19-2009, 01:14 PM
you want us to sum up a list of rods we like or own?

If you want a bit more information you should give us a lot more information:Eyecrazy:

With that I mean: what kind of action are you looking for and what kind of fishing will you be doing with it (mostly nymfs or just dry's). What kind of fish do you expect to catch with it (mostly 8-12 inch trout?) etc. but also tell us what's your budget. Because there are nice splitcanes out there;) , mostly for people who win lotteries and stuff.

If you give a more specific description it's easier to imagine the type of rod you are looking for. And still remember that advices mostly are based on the rod(s) the advisor prefer.

For instance: if anybody mentions a short 3wt rod, I immediatly think about my good old Orvis Tippet. As it is 7.6 ft fullflex it bends almost all the way down on trout of 12 inch already, even the very small trouts still give the sensation of fish on. It's ideal for casting dries, fishing small streams and I fish smaller nymfs with it too. But if you want to fish big buggers, expect lots of 20 inch fish and need to cast more then 35ft.... Then it won't be the type of thing you wish for.

So well, look for a second hand oldtimer made by orvis (or a newer version, the superfine) if you like exciting small stream fishery.

03-19-2009, 01:52 PM
If you're a small stream dry line guy the old Sage LL was a sweetie.

03-19-2009, 03:01 PM
I will use the rod on small strams chasing smal trouts and grayling mostly with dries and smaller nymphs, my budget for the rod is around 150.

03-20-2009, 06:07 AM
Concerning that budget and purpose, I would say you should determine for yourself wether you want to get a second-hand rod of a big brand's name. Probably a discontinued series and with no warranty. I think then a Sage LL or one of the old Orvis Graphites (the tippet for example) are sweet rods to have a lot of fun and realy appreciate that type of fishery.
Unfortunately most of the time with second hand rods there's not an enitre rod-rack you can try to see wich one you prefer. Try to find some nice second hands in your area and ask the seller if it is possible to cast with it first.

Another option I would say is buy a new rod at a dealer. Then I think visiting a TFO dealer would be a good option. They have some nice shorter three weight rods, about the price you mentioned.

03-20-2009, 06:39 AM

thanks for your replies. I think that I will buy a rod from the dealer because so the rod has a guarantee. I dont want to have a rod for some tight spaces where you can damage the rod and without guarantee. As mentioned I dont need some famous brand but the rod wich I can replace in case something happens and so I can use it freely.

I think I must check some brands; I already checked St.Croix, Greys, Vision, ECHO, since there is littel of this rods availabel in my country it is hard to test the rods. Well I am still looking for a rod so please help me choose the right rod.