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: Harkness Memorial/Silver Sands State Park

07-10-2000, 05:26 PM
Friday afternoon, I am traveling to the in-laws in the NYC area and will be without my wife and little one. Hence, I am fishing on the way down ! Has anyone ever fished either Harkness Memorial State Beach ro Silver Sands State Park ??? Any suggestions on other places to try along the 95 corridor thru eastern Connecticut would be appreciated. I am pretty familiar with the Westport and Fairfield areas and was looking for some place new to try........

Thanks !!

07-10-2000, 07:50 PM
Just met a guy fishing w/ kayak at Monomoy; from CT now in Harwich for the summer. He worked with a fly shop in the area, the name escapes me at the moment... Steve if you are reading this please reply!

Also, try Peter Jenkins w/ Saltwater Edge in Newport RI... great guy, extremely knowledgeable and top staff. Good reports for Westerly breachways all the way to Napatree lately.

Let me think about it and will get back later...


07-11-2000, 12:08 PM
If you're going to fish from shore, I'd jump from breachway to breachway down through Rhode Island - Charlestown, Quonnie and Weekapaug, until I found fish.