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: Ragged ISland update

02-09-2009, 06:58 PM
I thought you guys might be interested in an update on the fishing on Ragged Island. My associate is there now hosting a group of four. I'll be there Friday for two weeks hosting two more groups. I'm looking forward to bonefishing, and hopefully some blue water exploration. The remoteness of this place has me stoked.

Our host Rick Kustich and our guests arrived on Ragged Island Friday morning via the charter flight from Georgetown, Exuma. Everyone arrived on time, and travel to remote Ragged Island was smooth. (there are no scheduled flights here)

The weather was not. That first day was dominated by clouds and very windy conditions, with temperatures in the 60's--fleece weather in the Bahamas. Nevertheless, the guys were anxious to fish, so after quickly unpacking and eating lunch at the lodge, they hit the flats. Guests can use the lodge's golf carts to access the nearby flats.

Despite the poor conditions for sight fishing, the guys all managed to hook some bones, the largest around 5lbs by John Cambria, and Joe Didomenico got into a bunch of fish that were streaming onto the large flat. He positioned himself so that the incoming fish had to come by him, and he was rewarded. Not bad for the warm-up day in cloudy, windy and cold water!

The next day, Saturday, promised to be a little better. It was sunnier, a little warmer, but again windy--with steady 30 mph winds! The guests met their guides and got to ride in the lodge's new beavertail flats boats--very nice. Each of the four guests had a good day on the flats, again in less than ideal conditions. I don't believe any very large fish were landed, but each man landed multiple bonefish.

They are anxiously awaiting the winds to die a bit so that they can sample the untapped blue water angling that is on Ragged's doorstep.

So far the lodge gets good marks. It's brand new, the food is good and plentiful-typical Bahamian fare-conch, lobster, fish--and there is plenty of Kalik, Heiniken and Guinness to go around.

The only glitch so far was that the hot water was down. The lodge is working to remedy the problem, which apparently involved a heating coil. The lodge just opened this year on remote Ragged island-so a couple minor glitches are to be expected. The water issue is now fixed--so hot water for all!

Here is Sunday's report from Rick:

"The weather was a little better today - still very windy but warmer. Despite the weather the fishing was pretty spectacular. Everyone caught bones- alot of bones. There was one flat that had a tremendous number of fish. Denny caught a big cuda on spinning gear. There were some good-sized bones caught and seen as well. I landed one that was 28" from nose to tip."

I spoke with Rick again this evening, and today the fishing was not quite as hot as yesterday, but still good nonetheless. Wind was blowing even harder--constant wind of 25+. Reminds me of Acklins island a couple years back when it blew hard for the whole week-the wind was relentless.

I'll post some pics if he sends any.